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Well, Gretl ate her first squeaker...

I'm off to PetCo to buy another stupid sheep to see what it is she exactly ate, because a large part of it is still in there.

Poo time will no longer be private, Miss Gretl. sad.gif And stuffies are officially taken away at bedtime. sad.gif

Sheep dissection, here I come!


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Found this bald spot on Auggie's belly with spots....

Any opinions on what it could be? He had hives Monday night, and vomiting that resulted in a vet visit Tuesday. he gets very stressed at the vet and he had a 105 fever. He got IV and blood work (normal) fluid injection, and pills for vomiting. He hasnt had a fever since he came home from the vet, but found this spot this AM. Wondering if it is related.

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Look what BDW's Stephanie Fox sent me!

Steph, how on earth did you find this???!!!! All that's missing is her brindle spots. It's sooooo cute!!!!

I just LOVE it, thank you!

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happy.gif Dawn

Baby Moses says, "Spring has sprung, the grass is cut, and now here lies..........(Pics


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Sorry it has been so long since my last posting. I'v had some coughing and
sinus drainage that kept me sick and would not go away, plus staying busy.

love posting happy threads..Update on Harley..the deaf bulldog

I was out with Gus this am. for a bit of a walk and decided to pop in and see how Harley was doing.
wow wow wow..
he got a NEW harness and leash... a big box of new toys... a teaser ball that he loves to play with outside. he goes for walks and follows his owners everywhere.
he is going for car rides all the time, he understands all his signs well,
these people are happy happy happy..and Harley too

they changed his food to higher quality dogfood
and NOW he sleeps in the big bed with their son

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Ollie Pic

I had to pose Ollie in front of the neighbors tulips. There's no way I could grow such beautiful flowers. Besides which, Ollie would probably tear them up-he's into everything nowadays.


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Sigh... Is Bill dipping into the rum?

No survey, tonight? Must have been one wild birthday celebration! lol

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Happy Friday to all you doggers! Thanks again for all your kind wishes for my birthday yesterday, but alas, I'm still a year older. I did get close to a case of Cap'n Morgan from all my friends, but this getting old crap is getting old. So, let's kick back with a favorite adult beverage, remove those crampy, pinching shoes, take a deep breath and let's get our weekend started. Hands on keyboards? Ready? GO!

Pizza or chicken wings?

Have you ever made a collage?

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