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Welcome to Bulldog's World!

This site includes information on the bulldog breed, with a specific focus on the English bulldog, as well as ideas from other bulldog owners and breeders, and related input from other sources. The English Bulldog is best known for it's sourmug looks. Bulldogs of today are gentle, loving creatures and they are devoted to their families. Visit us often and we appreciate you coming!

Some quick Bulldog facts:

sites/default/files/bulldog_1.jpgBulldogs are not an aggressive breed and love the simple easy life.
Bulldogs live an average life span of 9 to 12 years and some go more.
Bulldogs love time for sleeping and relaxing, but they enjoy playing.
Bulldogs live in all parts of the world and should see a bulldog vet.
Bulldogs can and do learn tricks, have attitude, and great abilities.
Bulldogs should avoid excess heat and be an indoor dog all the time.
Bulldogs require a c-section for delivery of puppies 90% of the time.
Bulldogs need a good healthy diet and plenty of cool clean water daily.
Bulldogs in rescue can be a great choice for your family and lives.


English Bulldog Photo of the Month

Lady Belle

September 2015

This is Lady Belle. Her story is one of tragedy and triumph. Allow me to expand.

Back in June of this year, a friend who works as an animal control officer called me at nearly midnight to tell me about a 10-12 year old female Bully that had been owner surrendered. Besides her advanced age, she also was reported to have cataracts, heartworms, and respiratory problems. The owner surrendered her and asked the animal shelter to put her to sleep.
The next morning my wife and I arrived at the shelter more than an hour before they opened. We were the 1st in the door and insisted on seeing "Gator", which was her name provided by her owner. We were told that she was supposedly in poor health with expensive problems. Our response was "We don't care, she is going to be an indoor dog and she WILL come home with us today." 
The lady at the desk literally ran into the back of the shelter to stop the euthanasia and have a health assessment performed. She was actually on the table to be be euthanized.
All the above was the Tragedy. Now for the Triumph.
Her health assessment was surprising to everyone. Only 7 years old, heartworm negative, no cataracts, and no respiratory issues. Her health issues consisted of fleas and dirty ears. In other words, nothing wrong with her! 
We brought her home that day. She was already spayed and microchipped, she received her rabies shot, tags, and city liscence. And she was awarded a new name, Lady Belle.
Since bringing her home, she has taken over my recliner, the loveseat belongs to her, she has gained 10 pounds of muscle, and fits in here with the rest of us as if she has been here forever. She knows 3 commands, all of which she performs for treats, and loves going to our vet office, as they make a huge fuss over her.



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