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This site includes information on the bulldog breed, with a specific focus on the English bulldog, as well as ideas from other bulldog owners and breeders, and related input from other sources. The English Bulldog is best known for it's sourmug looks. Bulldogs of today are gentle, loving creatures and they are devoted to their families. Visit us often and we appreciate you coming!

Some quick Bulldog facts:

sites/default/files/bulldog_1.jpgBulldogs are not an aggressive breed and love the simple easy life.
Bulldogs live an average life span of 9 to 12 years and some go more.
Bulldogs love time for sleeping and relaxing, but they enjoy playing.
Bulldogs live in all parts of the world and should see a bulldog vet.
Bulldogs can and do learn tricks, have attitude, and great abilities.
Bulldogs should avoid excess heat and be an indoor dog all the time.
Bulldogs require a c-section for delivery of puppies 90% of the time.
Bulldogs need a good healthy diet and plenty of cool clean water daily.
Bulldogs in rescue can be a great choice for your family and lives.


English Bulldog Photo of the Month


July 2014

It all started with a friend’s text message last June with pictures of the most adorable 5 year old male bulldog with the question, “Do you want him?” When I saw Gunther’s picture that fateful day I knew without a doubt he was the bulldog for us.

My husband has always had a love of Mack trucks which transferred to a love (and desire) for his own bulldog. For the last 2-3 years he would come home with ads for bulldogs, and we even almost adopted one from a rescue organization but it just didn’t feel right. This time was different.

Gunther has become the star of my Facebook page. Friends will specifically request for more pictures of him to be posted. They ask if he has as much personality as it appears in the picture and he does! In many ways he is the typical bully: stubborn, sleeping, snoring, loving, slow-walking, ball-loving, stuffed animal-stealing, curious, gassy, snuggly and jealous. 

Most of the time he is very laid back and enjoys reclining on overstuffed chairs. He adores going for rides and outings and this laid back nature switches to a higher gear. When taking trips to truck shows, the local pet stores or home improvement stores he gets all the attention. Taking naps with my husband is a favorite pastime as well as sitting by my feet while I cook hoping for a few bites. He loves playing ball outside with my step-son and chewing on ham bones in the yard while I garden. He has truly become a part of our family and we can’t imagine our home without him!


Laura and Randy Buffington


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