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Archived Bulldog Showing Competition

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Looking for a hander in San Antonio, TX.


Harlow was opposite today in Kansas under Wayne Brower.And my Dusty finished in Iowa a few weeks ago. I'm posting from my phone and its really hard as I can't find my glasses and the letters are so small.

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Opinions please

Hi guys

I have a litter at the moment, one that is very important to me.

The problem I have is my 2 favourite boys at this point both have something I don't like about them.

The first one holds his tail too high and the second one has no pigment around the left eye, other than that they are pretty similiar in virtue.

Which fault would you consider to be the lesser of the two evils?

Thanks in advance.


More Interesting "Pro & Con" From A 1990 Bulldogger

1. The finest dog I have seen is/was __________?
2. The finest bitch I have seen is/was __________?
3. I would have loved to have seen _____________.


Ch. Bowag's Airborne Sunnyday
Ch. Brookhollow Journeyman
Ch. Minn-a-sota Fats Of Kelly Rd
I'm still looking for him
Noughty Rojo Barreta
Ch. Vardona Frosty Snowman, Ch. Cyclone Jimmy & Ch. Harvey's Defender
Ch. Marinebull's All The Way
Ch. Marinebull's All The Way

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Reserve Pic

When you are new to showing like I am, everything little thing is a "first". First point, first BOB, and in this case, our first RWD to a major. It was fun and exciting and the next day we were RWD again.

I'm having fun with my boy and can't wait to get him in the ring again. Thank you all for allowing me to share our "firsts".

Trace at Franklin, TN


So my 7 year old took pics of my very young (10.5 month) old boy Axel (Jambulls Appetite for Destruction) he is coming on nice and tips the scales at 50.43lbs as of today happy.gif[linked image]

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Rare colored and mini bulldogs...

Isn't there anything that can be done to shut down puppy mills that sale AKC bulldogs that are "rare" in color and size? Furthermore, these dogs aren't anywhere near the ballpark of correct confirmation.

I don't get it. They want $8k/puppy and they are AKC, obviously they are trying to breed these dogs to be different from the agreed upon AKC/BCA standard. I would think that it would be obvious then, that they are therefore meeting the definition of puppy mill or at the very least backyard breeder.

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****Its not too late to enter our Heart of America Specialty..

the show closes tomorrow... go to to download your entry form. We would love to see you all there !!!!

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Interesting Question & Answer In An Old Bulldogger

I picked up more older Bulldoggers at the Southwest Oregon Bulldog Club specialties and was looking over them again and found an interesting Q & A where various well known and experienced breeders (many are now judges) were asked:

1) What is the most common fault in Bulldogs today?
2) What is the hardest fault to breed out?
3) Today's dogs, as a whole, are too ________________?

How would you answer these questions now? I will post some of their answers later.


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Besides black coloring and liver colored noses, are there single traits that are big DQs

for potential show dogs?

Michelle, Helen, Penny, Spanky and Faye pup

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