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Opinions please

Hi guys

I have a litter at the moment, one that is very important to me.

The problem I have is my 2 favourite boys at this point both have something I don't like about them.

The first one holds his tail too high and the second one has no pigment around the left eye, other than that they are pretty similiar in virtue.

Which fault would you consider to be the lesser of the two evils?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Opinions please

why don't you post pics of the 2

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Re: I would go with the high set tail

I would keep the lack of pigment dog over the high set tail dog.

But... In order for me to keep a dog with no pigment (none) he would have to be extraordinary.

A male with a high set tail would not be used in my breeding program so I wouldn't keep him.

A quick comment.. I've seen dark eyes with poor pigment.

If the eyes are healthy and kept spotless, some dogs can get away with poor pigment.

And as we know, nothing in the standard about it.

Hard choice. Good luck.

Post pictures.


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Re: Opinions please

Charlie had what looked like a gay tail..high tail set until he was a good 4 mnths old,, his tail is lovely now...

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I would go with the high set tail

because, although pigment isn't necessary as far as the standard goes...I feel that it plays a big part of the overall look of the head and the bulldog is a "head" breed, whereas the tail would be further down on my list of priorities. (I am refering to tail placement that is a little high, not a gay tail, etc...)

The other thing that I see with pigment is that usually dogs that lack pigment sometimes have lighter eyes or at the very least not the very dark eyes that you want to see in our bullies. And the eyes are an important feature, IMO.

Also, why do we groom prior to shows? Anyone who watched the grooming video that was up last year remembers that we are trying to showcase the dogs in their best light and sometimes that means optical illusions. I feel that pigment, sometimes, is natures optical illusion for creating a balanced look (of the head).

Also, like others I have seen tail sets come down slightly. On the other hand, my pups didn't have all their pigment until much older than yours, but you know your line.


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why would you say it won't come in. Most of mine didn't start getting the pigment until 8 -12 weeks old. Then there was a dot and within a few months had the entire pigment. Just my experienc. Don't they say you can give them a supplement to bring it on?

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Thank you everyone so much for your opinions I shall post pics s

I really appreciate all of your comments. happy.gif

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I know lack of pigment isn't a "true" fault but it is

something that bugs me.

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Give them some time....

5 weeks is not when I would be grading pups to keep. I am, on the other hand, notorious for holding onto a pup for up to a year before I pass final judgement. Alot of changes will occur between now and 8 weeks, let alone 2 or 3 months from now!

opinions please

I would pick the one you like the best regardless of tail or pigment..only because every judge likes something different..some like heads, some like the top line..some do like pigment and tails... what one judge looks for in bulldogs another judge could careless..so pick the one you like the best and tell that little guy he is already a champion!
I have heard you can give kelp even liqid kelp to help bring pigment in..I use kelp it is for lots of things, pigment, skin, coats, an all good mineral for dogs and humans.. best of luck to you in choosing and in the ring!

Lack of Pigment around eye not a "true" fault

At 5 weeks that pup may get his pigment yet. Check the lid very closely, if you see spots there they will grow! Pigment of nose is only thing mentioned in the standard regarding pigment. Though of course eye pigment is something we desire.
Bad tail set or Gay tail are definent faults as noted in the standard.

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Thanks Vicky I appreciate your opinion :)

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so young. I know it depends on the line

but here we see the tailset high and when they are older it gets lower.

Pigment I love but can live w/o if the dog is good.

Bosco, Bella, Breve' & Holly



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Great, thank you :)

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Certain structural things may not change...

but they can still get pigment for awhile, although depending on the tail set, it may not be as high later. I was worried that Pepper's tail was high when she was about nine weeks, but now it's perfect and definitely not too high.

Michelle, Helen, Penny, Spanky and Faye pup

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Thanks Vicky

they are only 5 weeks old so yes things can definitely change and I am in no way ready to make my choice. I have a feeling though the one lacking pigment is not going to get it and I have always found in the past a high tail stays a high tail.

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how old are they, since things can change

if they are 6months old, i would keep the one lacking in pigment since its not a fault.

bad tail placement is a fault.

Bosco, Bella, Breve' & Holly



Lack of pigment

is the lessor of the two evils to me. Especially if you are comparing it to a gay tail.
Also, at 5 weeks if there is no pigment, i would bet that eye will not get full pigment.

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