Rare colored and mini bulldogs...

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Rare colored and mini bulldogs...

Isn't there anything that can be done to shut down puppy mills that sale AKC bulldogs that are "rare" in color and size? Furthermore, these dogs aren't anywhere near the ballpark of correct confirmation.

I don't get it. They want $8k/puppy and they are AKC, obviously they are trying to breed these dogs to be different from the agreed upon AKC/BCA standard. I would think that it would be obvious then, that they are therefore meeting the definition of puppy mill or at the very least backyard breeder.

Maybe the AKC needs to change. We pay all this money to register dogs, litters, our health and DNA information and pay into these shows, so that our dogs are recognized for the hopefully descent(at the very least) examples of the breed and contribute to the longevity of the breed....maybe AKC needs to listen to the serious, legitimate concerns of reputable breeders and show people and start enforcing certain standards and if these BYB want to continue to produce these mutts, they can register them with the CKC.

Sorry for the rant, I just get a little worked up over this. Especially when the "breeder" posted her AKC kennel inspection report in order to give legitimacy to her and her breeding program!


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Her Kennel inspection is a tip-off,

4 or more litters a year will trigger a kennel inspection. People that over-breed or are a Commercial Kennel will always have a current inspection certificate.
The answer as I see it is education. Educate the puppy buying public as to what is correct for a Bulldog (color, size, temperament, health, reasonable cost) so people aren't sucked in by marketing ploys.

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Kennel inspection

I have never bred 4 or more litters in a year and AKC "inspected" me. Mostly it was a check on paperwork--do you keep records as required. She did have nice things to say about my kennel (like "wow", "lucky dogs" "this place is a palace")AKC does not inspect every year, either. They don't have the man power for that. A commercial kennel that requires city, county or state licensing may undergo more frequent inspections. As far as breeding goes,however,I don't think the number of times you breed in a year necessarily makes you a bad breeder or a puppy mill. I think that it is the REASON you breed at all that is important. Are you breeding for the money (what money?), the fun of it (though I wonder about this one--raising a litter is so much work and can be such a heartache that I question the fun aspect. Breed for love maybe--the love of the breed) or because you are trying to improve the breed (which I try to validate by showing.) I agree education is the key. However I was recently contacted by somone who was looking for a black and white bitch on the small side.I took the oportunity to educate--she said thank you but she was going to continue to look.

Miriam Olesen

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