Worms, coccidia, and stools...

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Worms, coccidia, and stools...

I posted before that our Bob has worms and coccidia. The vet gave him a horse-pill at the clinic for the worms, Drontal Plus, and started him on a 10-day treatment of Albon suspension (for the coccidia). How long before we see some improvement?

I have noticed that his appetite is down. Stools are firm in the morning, but once the Albon is given and "kicks in" they go right back to runny.

Can we give him some Pepto to fix this?

Should we be seeing dead worms in the stool?

How long 'til he feels better?

Going back to the vet this week for his 12 week booster and wanted to see if there is any home remedy solution to the healing process.


G & J

Arnie...Please tell us what you use


You seem familiar with medicine in that Albon and Flagyl are "antibiotics" and that coccidia are single cell organisms....What is your treatment of choice of for coccidia and giardia???

Appreciate your input...

Re: Re: Are Antibiotics

coccidia are one cell big. Thank you for telling me the above. Antibiotics will not kill coccidia but they will help the body to be able to kill them.

Re: Are Antibiotics

I don't know if this helps at all, but...

"Fortunately, coccidiosis is treatable. Drugs such as sulfadimethoxine (Albon) and trimethoprim-sulfadiazine (Tribrissen) have been effective in the treatment and prevention of coccidia. Because these drugs do not kill the organisms, but rather inhibit their reproduction capabilities, elimination of coccidia from the intestine is not rapid. By stopping the ability of the protozoa to reproduce, time is allowed for the puppy's own immunity to develop and remove the organisms. Drug treatments of five or more days are usually required."

From PetEducation.com
Coccidia (Coccidiosis): A Cause of Diarrhea
Race Foster, DVM
Marty Smith, DVM

So, maybe, coccidia isn't considered a parasite as it simply inhabits a space within the intestine and absorbs passing nutrients (as opposed to the direct attachment and feeding of worms). Antibiotics then boost the dogs immune system and temporarily immobilize the coccidia? I dunno, worth a shot.

I could really care less, so long as Bob recovers and is healthy and happy again.


G & J

Are Antibiotics

They bot realy are antibiotics. Neither is used for parasites they are used for bacteria and infections that sometimes happen Nothing to do with getting rid of parasites.

Re: Antebiotics

I'm not a vet, so can't give you the medical reasons. Also, I wouldn't say that Albon and Flagyl are antibiotics, don't think they fit in that category. They are both for intestinal area. And...they are the main choice in dealing with parasites or intestinal issues.

When you have a very young puppy or litter that gets a bad case of diarhea (usually caused by a staph) liquid Albon is what will usually straighten it up.

If you question using this for parasites, please, tell us what you've used that has been successful?


These are both antibiotics Why for parasites


Agree with Patti

That is what my vet prescribes.

Re: Re: What our vet said

I would think that a treatment of Albon and Flagyl (combined) would be better to be sure to wipe out all the parasites. I do believe though, the treatment is more like 10 days, not just three.

Re: What our vet said

Hmm, Jamie, you're going to get me in trouble... Is Guinness cured then? If so, about how long did it take? Microscopic?! Doh, guess I can stop poking at Bob's dookie then.

I've been reading past posts that seem to be doing entirely different treatments for worms / coccidia (multiple day treatments for worms and repeat visits / check-ups versus our one pill treatment; and coccidia treatments that lasted 3-days with follow-up treatments one week later versus our 10-day treatment).

So confusing, and I still haven't found any information about what constitutes good vs. bad signs or approximate healing rates.

If medication only paralizes coccidia so the puppy can build an immunity, then what happens after 10 days if there is no sign of improvement? 10 more days of medication?

Hmm, both medications were given on Thursday of last week (Albon is still ongoing) and we haven't seen any improvment. Actually, I would consider the loss of appetite a slide backwards.


G & J

What our vet said

Our vet said we wouldn't be able to see the worms since they were microscopic--they weren't developed into adult worms yet. If it went untreated you would eventually be able to see them. Our vet gave us white chalky liquid to give to the dogs for 3 days called Panacur and we have to give them another 3 day treatment in 3 weeks. When I asked you know who to reimburse US for the vet bills, she kindly told me to F-off---she must like you more

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