What "attire" should one wear to see the Chippendales..???

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What "attire" should one wear to see the Chippendales..???

..causal as in jeans.. dressy slacks.. ..kinda fancy.. ..thong.. (..just kidding..) or anything goes..??

Hubby is convinced we only need one suitcase.. ..I'm not convinced..!!

(I sound like a teenager going to her first dance..!!)

Well I checked with Patti

She said to dress casual for the show, Im going to wear jeans and a nice top thats it
I hate dressing up anyway, Im a Khaki/Jeans type of girl!

When I went to Vegas we dressed up a night and a responce to ove

But you certainly don't have to-there was a mix of everything! We all just like to dress up so it gave us a good excuse!

For all of you that feel like your over packing let me tell you a funny story.

3 years ago when I went to Vegas- we went Wed-(got in at 1am) to Sunday(left around 1pm). We were going for a wedding on Saterday night and then play. 4 girls-2 suitcases each and about 10 pairs of shoes each! Crazy-my friends parents drove us to the airport in there conversian van-we barely fit-my poor dad picked up up from the airport in an acura TL-just a regular coupe-let me tell ya we had luggage coming out everywhere lol! So you guys arn't over packing and I wore almost everything I brought! The only thing I didn't bring which I wished I did was gym shoes lol-they didn't gp with my fancy attire lol!


I don't know Robin

but i'm just going to wear jeans and I think Ce is also nothing fancy. After all we are going to see them not them us.

comfort first! t's and jeans...that's all I' m packing...

okay and a toothbrush...one pair of flat tennies..and one pair of kickers (shoes with a heel for the jeans that are too long...grin)...trust me no one cares what ya got on ..only that your there having a great time...smile..ce


Any attire is fine, casual is how I am going. Its VEGAS BABY!!

Wild West Bulldogs

I have that same question...

What the heck do you wear to the Chippendales? I don't go clubing it anymore and all I have is golf outfits or biker wear.LOL
I tried to buy some shorts but you can't find a pair of shorts in Canada at this time of year if your life depended on it. I think I might go straight to the malls when I get to Vegas instead of the hotel. I hate PACKING!!!

What is it with guys......all they

need is some clean shorts/socks and a couple of shirts.
I could never share a suitcase. I have to have several days, just incase I'm feeling fat which is most of the time now. Both something for hot or cold. You just never know. Some nice things and play things.
But I don't think I'm quite as bad as Lisa. I don't think I even own 8 pairs of pants and 8 pairs of shorts
Looking forward to seeing you Robin

thong for me if I was going --whoo whoo them men :)

GRRRRRRRRR but I am a perv

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