We're getting ready to go on a trip...

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We're getting ready to go on a trip...

We'll be gone about 3 wks. I'm excited to go but I sure hate to leave my Dolly. She'll be staying with our 3 grandsons & our son & dil. She knows them all well & loves the boys.

Here she's getting treats and...

Rooooooolling Over for the boys.

We're leaving on Wednesday the 23rd, heading south through Oklahoma, then to New Mexico, Adminzona, Nevada, & we'll venture a little ways into California. So will we be passing through anyone's home state?

have a safe and fun trip!!!

Sounds like ur gonna have a blast

If you get as far south as San Diego

give us a call...we're in the phonebook...and have a decent guest room!

How fun!

Sounds as though you guys are really going to see a good chunk of the country. Travel safe, and have tons of fun!

created by ME!

3 Weeks Without Dolly . . .

I don't know if we can manage! Have a wonderful trip, sounds like fun.

bulliebull's picture

I'm in Las Vegas...

...will you be stopping in LV?

Jacinda and the bullies's picture

Have a good trip

It sounds like alot of fun. You do know that webbie lives in vegas.

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Have fun on your trip.....I'm in Anaheim,

we can go to Disneyland.

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Have a warm and wonderful trip!

It sounds like a great time and a nice get away to warmer climates!



Warm where you are?

We spent a month one year around Brownsville & enjoyed the warmth there. We're hoping to find some of the same on this trip!

Thanks Jessie...

Would be fun to meet some BDW folks. I'm always watching for Bullies when we travel.

Thanks Gary...

Yes, lots of calls to Dolly. I'm told she gets so sad when we leave & won't eat for a few days...Boo-Hoo. It's hard to go off without her.

Hi Kim...

Yes, I'll have lots of pics to share---probably way too many!

Thanks Vicky...

I'll have my laptop & if it will actually work I'll still be able to keep in touch with BDW.

Hi Cathy...

We're taking the laptop & hopefully it will work & I'll be able to stay in touch with BDW.

Hi Karen...

Yes, we're looking for warmth. We lived a few years in northern Iowa & I remember those winters well!---Almost like Alaska!

Thanks Carol...

It should be fun. We're looking for warmth!

Thanks Lynsie...

We'll spend some time in Santa Fe but I think it's going to be COLD there! Right?

Thanks Christie...

I'll have my laptop along & hope to still keep in touch with BDW.

Janice Toby and Betsy's picture

Sounds like fun

If you go a little further south in Oklahoma you will pass through my state (Texas). But you would have to come waaaaaaaay south to get where I am.

I hope you have fun. I bet Dolly will be exhausted when you get home! Those 3 cuties will keep her busy.

Janice and Toby

I have a feeling

YOu'll be passing through lots of BDWer states!
Have a great time. WE'll miss you.

Clovis Boo Flynn and Gary's picture

Have a very fun and safe trip

and don't forget to call Dolly every night.


And click here for puppy photos of Boo & Clovis:


Kimbulldog's picture

Awe - Have FUN !!!

Sounds like my kinda adventure!

You'll surely be missed around here, Have a SUPER trip!!

Take lot's of pics, please.

Safe Travels Always & God Bless, Kim & Family

we will miss you!

It won't be the same without you and Dolly. Have a safe trip!

Sounds like fun!

I know how much you'll miss Dolly but sounds like she'll be having fun too! Enjoy and be safe

Cathy & Zimmer


karenjo's picture

Warmth!!! Sounds great about now

Have a great time!!

*Greetings from Iowa*

Oh Judy, what fun!

I know you will miss your sweet Dolly, but she will be having her own fun vacation.
Take lots of pictures, and be safe.

how nice

I'm sure Dolly will have a great time while you are away I used to live in New Mexico Hope you guys have fun!


Well that sounds like a fun trip!

And maybe you'll get to meet up with some bdwers too!

Have fun, and we'll see you when you return!

Have a good time Judy! ---

At least you'll be going to warm places!
Dolly will be in great hands...but I'm sure you're going to miss her.

Deborah and the NC gang's picture

we are gonna miss you Judy...hope you have

fun...wish that you guys were heading to NC...

take lots of pics



Janice Toby and Betsy's picture

We are not as far south as Brownsville, it's a little chilly her

We actually had a freeze last night, very cold for us. It is supposed to warm up in the next week though.

Have a great trip.

Janice and Toby

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