Was sick yesteray so we are joining in late.

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Was sick yesteray so we are joining in late.

Hi everyone,

I am Diane and I live in NJ with my husband and 3 daughters ages 22, 17 and 11, Mugzy is my bestest boy and he will be 3 in May. I love him for many reasons and one is for leading me to BDW and this wonderful family. Fraiser is my JRT/Pointer mix who I rescued from Arkansas and he will be 2 in July. Basically, I have a couch potato and a kangaroo.

Last year as most of you know I was involved in a horrific car accident and lost my left leg. That was a small price to pay for my life. I am happy to be alive and able to be part of the BDW family.

Here is my wonderful and supportive family"

Mugzy and me


My husband and I DANCING on Valentines Day


My daughers: Adminel 17 and Haley 22


Melissa 11 and Mugzy


Mugzy and Fraiser


Thanks for looking.

[linked image]

luvabullme's picture

Love the pics Diane...i don't know why, but i never realized

Frazier was a pointer too..i always thought of him as jack russell, that first pic shocked me!! lol

Cheryl and The SittingBullies Gang's picture

Your daughters are gorgeous!

...and you have almost the reverse of me! wink.gif

[linked image]
[linked image]

Céline and Angel Stella's picture

Great family pics!

Your daughters are just so beautiful!

Love the pics

and as always Mugzy looks great!

My Tiger


Great Family Pictures!

Looking good girl! I'm so proud of you and so happy to see you moving forward at such a fast pace. Great pictures of the fam.


Buddy and Karen's picture

What a great looking crew

It's so nice to see everyone happy.gif



"I love Ozzy"

Karen and Ozzy

Better late than never.... you have a very

nice looking gang there... how's it going??

[linked image]


Diane, you have a beautiful family!

Prayers for your continued progress and strength.

[linked image]

MaggieMozeOllie's picture

Diane, your family is lovely! What sweet girls, and those pups

are too sweet together. Haha...couch potato and kangaroo!

Maggie, Moze, Ollie,
...and always Schubert
[linked image]

DSimas's picture

couch potato and a kangaroo, ha!

That cracked me up. happy.gif Great pics, thanks for sharing.


Little Miss Betty Cuteface
[linked image]
Toofie on the left, eyeball on the right.
[linked image]

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