Turbo is OK!......

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Turbo is OK!......

Thanks for all of your support and prayers. When he Adminved at the Vets he was able to walk. The vet thinks that he probably hit a nerve in his leg and it resulted in a temporary paralysis. We are so very happy that our little guy is well!

Mark, Rene', Bettis & Turbo
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole" Caras

Great news! I'm happy for Turbo and all of you he is okay.

: )

So am I, yeah! !!

glad yer feeling better Turbo

What great news! ..................

Giving lots of hugs! So glad to hear he's fine!

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whew! so glad it turned out okay!

Great news

I am so glad he is ok. What a horrible ordeal! Glad it all worked out.

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WHEW!! Give that boy a hug


We read every message..thanks to all for your very kind thoughts

We are all blessed to have such a great and instantly available support group.

Mark, Rene', Bettis & Turbo
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole" Caras

Well Turbo, nice job

You got thier attention.

Glad all is O.K.

Lynn King CPDT

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So good to hear!

We're glad Turbo's okay! he's very handsome, by the way!

Karen and Ozzy

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Wonderful news!!!

I was hoping it was that.  When Clark, our first bully, was a pup he fell off the couch & hit the coffee table & went stiff almost...it was for a very short time (even though it seemed like forever to me).  I was hoping that's all it was for Turbo.  So glad to hear the news!

Dawn, Nate & Stryker



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This happened to me a couple of months ago. I hit a nerve and couldn't feel anything on the side of my leg. The doctor said it was not problem and feeling would come back in six months. It looks like Turbo just had a little injury, since he's ok now.

Kisses to Turbo!

I'm so glad he's ok.

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so very glad to hear that Turbo is OK!!!! great news

glad to hear

Turbo is ok

Thank goodness!

No more of THAT, young man! Only one scare allowed per decade - and you just used yours!
I'm really glad he's OK.

created by ME!

thank god

that is great to hear, i bet he gets a lot of lovin' 2night!


So glad to hear he is okay! Too many sick bullies out there lately!

Glad to hear all is well. Resume Play Turbo!

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