Thanks to all for the warm welcome to BDW yesterday...

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Thanks to all for the warm welcome to BDW yesterday...

For those wanting to know what part of the city we live in - we think of ourselves as being metroplexers. DH commutes and works in the city but we are blessed to be living in the countryside on our own bit of heaven south of Hastings. We moved up here from Adminzona last year (don't miss the heat one bit)and are glad to be back in the midwest.




DH and his really big snowblower are going to clean that long driveway (only had to clean it twice last winter). And the lawn tractor with a leaf vacuum attachment takes care of the leaves.

I missed fall so bad while living in Arizona, actually all of the season. I came to the conclusion that there are only two seasons in Arizona - Hot and HOTTER - lol! I missed being abled to garden. I don't miss the Valley of the Surface of the Sun, the heat, pollution, dust storms, scorpions, etc. However, the mountains are beautiful and the desert has a beauty of it's own. I'm just not a desert person.

What part of Arizona are you in?

Deborah and the NC gang's picture

really a pretty place!!!

pkfidazzo's picture

Beautiful. . . . But!!!! Who's going to rake all those beautiful

leaves? Who's going to clean the snow from that long, long driveway? Couple of reasons that I moved to Arizona. . .

I do miss the fall, however. I'm from PA originally and October is always my favorite month. Love the changing of the leaves. .


Dawn.Stryker.Jayda's picture

It sounds like you guys....

have it worked get to be out of the "cities" yet close enough to Eagan that's it's not too  much of a commute.  Your place really does look beautiful.

Thanks for the compliment on Stryker  

Dawn, Nate & Stryker

White Bear is beautiful...

We looked up that way, didn't find anything. DH works in Eagan so it would have been a commute across the city which would probably have taken longer than from where we are now.

Stryker is such a handsome guy!

Dawn.Stryker.Jayda's picture

Hi Pam!

I used to work in Hastings!  We're in White Bear...looking forward to when we can get our haven in the "country".  We want at least a little land...not too much of a commute to the metro though.  It looks like you have a beautiful place! 

I hope to see more pics of your bullies soon 


Dawn, Nate & Stryker


Thanks for sharing!

Welcome again!

Céline and Angel Stella's picture


What a beautiful spread!!

Cody1970's picture

That is gorgeous Pam! And it does look like a piece of heaven.

Sorry I didn't get the chance to welcome you yesterday...crazy household here this week. I am very glad that you've come to join us and your all three of your bully babies are gorgeous!

You call him a dog...I call him my heartbeat!

Not quite..

Fall is in the air, that pic was taken last Fall just after we moved.

LOVE IT!!!! nm


Welcome, Pam...

I didn't get to greet you yesterday. So you already have Fall color in MN??? Very pretty place!

hey pam!

mack and i are in rochester! little change from az huh?

Mack 'n' Mack


place for bully babies

Pam Grady Burnice's picture


I love that area! We go to Alexis Bailey every year for their open house and take a lot of weekend drives down there.
I'll have to look for those sweet faces when I'm in the area!

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