switching again....and news!

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switching again....and news!

well we went and bought some R/C 24 last night and im switching Vito again...He's usually a free eater but since last night he's eaten 6 cups of food. I put 4 cups in his bowl last night when we got home figuring he would just touch it for a minute. NOPE he ate all 4 cups last night, so trying to get him on a schedule of feeding him 2 cups twice a day i just fed him 2 cups and he ate all of that too! he obviously likes it...hopefully the switch will go good.

so...yesterday my breeder told me of a woman who had puppys 15 months ago...she sold 2 males as a pair to some people in Adminzona. I guess 3 months ago she got a phone call from a rescue down there telling her these guys were abandoned at a Vet. So she had them sent back up to her and she's looking for a perminant home for them as a pair. I told her id love to have them in my house as a perminant home but she wants 1200 dollars for the pair and their nutered. I cant afford another 1200 dollars on my weak military salary so im trying to bargan with her and get them for cheaper...i mean she did already make $2000ish on them a year ago...my wife really wants them...so im trying...email me with thoughts

i cant get on this website at work so if anyone wants to email my during the day you can email me at [email protected]

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Gotta ditto everyone else here...

I agree that the breeder sounds a little less than stellar if she's attempting to make a profit and isn't just plain concerned with finding a good home.

I agree that I wouldn't necessarily leap from a 1 male home to a 3 male home.

I agree that purchase price rarely has anything to do with how expensive bulldogs can be. It's the eyes, knees, hips, trachea, palate, allergies, skin, feet, shots, meds and more that can bankrupt you, as Deb said.

And when switching foods, you want to keep them on one food for a couple months before you declare it a bust, and you want to do the transition verrrrrry slowly and gradually over a period of two weeks.

Just my two cents...

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when you feed a

higher quality food you usually have to feed less food. You'll be able to tell though and if you see him getting pudgy just cut back a little on both feedings. Or one the one if you free feed.
We free feed Dixie and I always thought that she'd eat the whole bag if I put it out for her but she is really good about leaving some and she'll come back for the rest whaen she wants it.

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Be careful about switching foods quickly

It can cause exploding diahrea. We gradually switch them over a two week period and 4 cups a day is alot of food. So, be careful that he doesn't get too fat.

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Are you kidding

She would actually sell 2 dogs she already sold and rescued back. I've gotta scratch my head on that one. JMO but that to me doesn't spell reputable breeder. Her main concern should be a great forever home for these dogs. I would really think hard before having 3 males in the house (neutered or not). That causes a whole new dimension to the pack and could upset the whole house hold.

Geoff....Keep in mind the cost of 3 bulldogs....not just food but vet expenses. I spent almost 10K this past year in vet expenses. You just never know what might happen. Like my husband says, the initial 2K is nothing, it's what comes after that can bankrupt you

I like how you said that...after the fact

definitly its what comes after the fact. Samson was 800 bucks at 1 year old. Hubby negotiated with the guy and wanted him out of thsi hell of a home...since then vet bills galore..well over 10 grand now.
Just an example...

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