Survey! Late, as usual:-)

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Survey! Late, as usual:-)

Here we go!

Have you ever laughed so hard, milk came out of your nose? My brothers used to LOVE to make that happen to me!

Have you ever tried to sneak into a movie? Nah.

Did you ever get "the giggles" in some inappropriate place? Oh Lord, yes! Worst places!

Have you ever burped loud in church or anywhere else? Not really.

Are you named after anybody? I am named after teh Little Women character "Amy". My mom was reading it when she was pregnant with me:-)

Do you celebrate the "Feast of the Seven Fishes" on Christmas Eve? Uh, What?

Big Mac or Whopper? Big Mac baby! All the way!

Waffle cone or sugar cone with your ice cream? Waffle please!

Do you make up your mind quickly or do you think it through? Usually quickly, which isn't always good!

Can you ride a unicycle? Nosireebob!

Where did you get stitches? Geez, everywhere! I went through a windshield when I was a little girl and have had plastic surgery 5 times on my face to fix it. I've had over 1200 stitches in my face alone. Then there were also other boo boos that required stitches, but they were minimal compared to my accident.

Can you still sing your high school alma mater? I never could sing my high school alma mater!!! Don't know what it is to this day!

Did you ever own a Pet Rock? Of course!

Tell us about a really bad date! No thanks!

Who did you last get angry with? My dog! He weighs 85 pounds but still tries to crawl under my small computer desk. He shuts my computer down by hitting the power strip, and my computer hates that!

Have you ever hidden something so well, you couldn't find it? Easter Eggs!!

How many times do you hit the "snooze" button? Once every day. 5 more minutes to think about my day before I actually start it!

Have you ever watched an infomercial all the way through? Nope. I hate those!

What is your overpriced, yuppie beverage of choice? Starbucks Doubleshots from the convenience store!

If you could do a commercial for any product, what would it be, and why that particular one? Can't think of any right off hand!

Do you prefer sweet, spicy or salty? Spicy:-)

Are you comfortable with your eating and drinking habits? Yes.

How many credit cards do you have? One

Why do they call it "hamburger", when it's made out of "beef"? Beefburger is just too awkward to say alot!

Did I already ask you about ringing the Thanksgiving Bell? Yes. We don't.

Finish the sentence: "I turned down................... An awesome job in Adminzona to move to Colorado. Stupid, stupid, stupid. But it led me to my even better job in Georgia:-)

What kind of fence is in your yard? Chain Link.

If you had enough land, what kind of an orchard would you have? A horse orchard! Okay, maybe Pecans? Or oranges.

Do you have a bird feeder? No.

Does your family have a "weird toe gene"? Yep.

Have you ever superglued your fingers together? not on purpose!

When you were a kid, where did you wipe the boogers? Under something:-)

What TV sitcom family would you say you belong to? MASH:-)

When you turn on the TV, what is the first channel you go to? I don't watch TV.

What habit do you have to break? Straying from my exercise routines.

Why would you buy a product that it takes 2000 flushes to get rid of? I wouldn't!!! My dogs love toilet water:-)

Thanks for the fun Bill! Good survey!

Amy and Sophia

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No more of one than you are friend....

I don't know what I would do with memories like those Cody girl. I am in awe of you:-)

Amy and Sophia

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I got stitches in my head twice...

one because my brother & sisters hit me in the head with a garden rake when I was 13 months old. And the second time because my mom (angrily because I spilled my cereal milk for the umpteenth time) picked me up out of my chair & slammed me down on the floor. Unfortunately the floor was wood & my feet were wet, my feet went out from under me & I hit my head on the corner of the piano leg. Boy-o-boy did she feel awful. I can't fault the woman, I'd have been exasperated with me too. I was 5 when that happened. But that is nothing compared to what you went through girly girl. I'm so glad you came through are a survivor.

You call him a dog...I call him my heartbeat!

AmyandSophia's picture

No fishes here!

Except the ones in the little tank, and I don't think we will be eating those anytime soon!!!

Good luck today Cody! What were the five stitches for? Ouch:-)

Amy and Sophia

Cody1970's picture

You don't do the feast of the seven fishes?

You're not Italian huh? LOL Some of the fishes they eat on Christmas Eve...not my thing! But I've celebrated the less well known Feast of the 4 Fishes.
And, wow! 1200 stitches in your face. And I thought my 5 stitches in my head were bad...not really! Hugs to you girl!

You call him a dog...I call him my heartbeat!

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