Some reasons I love Bull Dog World...

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Some reasons I love Bull Dog World...

Besides all the great pictures.I love the fact that I could send an e-mail to Pam and let her know how I built my rescue kissing booth and help her husband build one for her rescue event(It looked great)then get to see pictures of it a feel apart of it from along way away.
I love how there are other member Like Kelly Carver whos bullies have some of the same Sires or Dams in there bullies family trees.It's neat to see dogs in Atlanta and other places that are related to my dogs in Adminzona.
I love how prayers are asked for and answered daily and there is a shoulder to lean of if needed.And there are so many people that care about you dog who have and probably will never meet them in person only through pictures shared on BDW.
Who cool is it that when Brittany's laptop cord was chewed on and Jessica(i beleave)sent one to her overnight.That doesn't happen if people don't CARE.
And there is tons more but I don't want to make this too long.8-)

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it sure is a special place!

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Rescue Representative

Thankful for opportunity to "pay it forward"

because I truly adore this breed, and some of the best bullies and the bestest owners show up here at BDW. I have enjoyed bulldogs for so long, they are as natural as an extension of my arm, so I appreciate the forum provided to share smiles, help, support and even sorrow with those who understand. Aside from my cancer support group (and there's never happy photos there!!) this is the most giving group of multi-age, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and international people around!! Yea for us. Yea for David for providing us the opportunity, too.

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you are right there...nm

a different form of rescue.LOL


it's know my turn to cry.:-P


Keith you are so very sweet

You made me cry because I just do what I hope anyone else here would do for me. IN FACT not what I HOPE, it's what I KNOW.
I also would LOVE to thank all that rescue, you have helped so many babies find their forever homes and made the paths for some to the rainbow bridge filled with LOVE!
UGGGHHHH, what a great LOVE FEST today.

You ready for another drink?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... How's the hangover.

u love me honey!!

admit it already!! haha

YEAH, that was it sistah....


Yay BDW!!!

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I agree Keith....paying it forward is really a great blessing

there are really great people on this board that do so much.... thanks and God bless to all the rescuers who work so hard to save the poor babies who have hard and bad lives...


haha i didnt think it was cool

that my cord was chewed!!!!! LOL. but i do think its amazing that jess sent me one right away!she didnt want to go that long without talking to me!! lol. thats was cute keith

Hear hear!

So true!


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