Some more pics of a couple of my babies

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Some more pics of a couple of my babies

Texas 4 weeks

Indi 4 weeks

Adminzona 4 weeks

Olympia and Adminzona 4 weeks

I have 14 babies so will take some more pics and share them soon

love the names

really cute pups!

OMG 14! if you have too many

i have plenty of room hee hee LOVE the white one

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Wow! That's a lot of bull

Lol, They are very cute. I bet you haven't been getting much rest lately.

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look at those little wringle bundles of love, so cute

Lisa & Molly McDolly

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Hehe might be a long hard drive to New Zealand

14 babies...14!!! You know you have to send one or two to me, ri

The limit is five bully babies at one time, so you are going to make a lot of people happy. Ha - ha - ha!
Really now, I'll drive to pick them up, all I need is your address, OK?

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