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i might as well toss in my 2 cents, rescue is very much appreciated, the poor dogs in it are the ones it should be about, sadly a few rescues choice was to make it personal attacks on each other, and do things...what about the dogs??? hell, thats what i wanted to know..dont forget them...that is what rescue is... not about its people, but its dogs and there well being... some forgot that and it got insane.. if you want to sit back and not understand and or accept that, your choice, but trust me it was there, and plenty others saw it to. since teh restriction was placed, not a single incident has happened involving this site or email to me or similar things. so it halted all the crap... sure i would love to say all what it was, and i may do that at a future date, but it would not look good on several rescues, and i wont do it for that reason...because of the dogs...

some said why did i not simply make a rescue board and resolve it that easy, because it would have shifted over to the next page and been teh same..same issues, same problems, just next forum over..woudl have been pointless, might as well left it alone here..

oh ya, i think denise g was treated like royal S H I T on things to...she has done more from a private one person donating than anyone i know over the years, yet she was ignored and left in teh dark... but she is a big girl, and she knows that. so it even rubbed off further, but i think some rescues messed her around which bothered me. reading the posts below you may see some regulars, wendy and denise come to mind off teh top of my head, who said i never do anything without great reason,100% true, while we may or may not agree on thinsg always, we respect each other.. and atthe end of the day its respect that matters most. so if you know the site you know its always with good reasons...

it is also my hopes that rescue makes a full comeback here soon, i never said forever!!! but until further notice and things cool down. me, bdw and no one here has a thing against rescue dogs, but some of its people instead..

then there is the posts about we dont know what we can and cant post, well, saturdays is just like any day use to anything rescue as much as you want. there are no limits or no wrong posts on rescue on saturdays, except no donations, which has been in play for years...otherwise knock yourself out with rescue posts..

one thing to note, when its all over and resumes fully, groups that have stayed part of the forum and posting REGULARY,and some saturdays( i dont accept excuses as they use to post), will get full rights here, while some as densie said, who chooses to ignore, or extremly limit posts here, wont be back at all. every group will re apply when that time comes for full rescue posting rights.. because those who have mostly ignored it is using/abusing teh site only,not being part of it... i have seen people like Keith down in Adminzonia post here on saturdays, and on many other days (A REGULAR POSTER), and for that i truly respect him, im 100% positive he dont like or approve the rescue rule here, but you can rest assured he still posts and makes the best of what it is for now..but when time comes again, he will be at the top of teh list for full posting rights here without limits, becaue he choose to stay involved,be part of teh site, even while not liking the rule.. now there is others, i just picked out keith because i have seen him posting a lot.. so applauds to you keith happy.gif

if saturday is such a bad day for teh rescue day, then email me and tell me another one, im fair, what about fridays instead??? send me some emails and if i get enough that matches the same day i may change it, to make it work better for rescue, but until a post is made it will stay saturdays..for now...

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