repost for Siobhan from medical forum***very sick bully***HELP***

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repost for Siobhan from medical forum***very sick bully***HELP***

Wow I am so excited to find bulldog help. For 2 weeks my 14 month old english bulldog male, Dodger, has been deathy ill. He spent 3 days in the vet under observation and iv drip one week ago. He has been throwing up for 2 weeks at least twice a day. He hasn't eaten in 2 weeks. He use to inhale his food in under 60 seconds. Now he won't go near any food. I never fed him people food before and now I have tried to feed him anything and everything and he refuses to try anything. I live in Southern Adminzona so the vet thought he might have valley fever, but the test came back negative. Last week he weighed in at 49 pounds and I am sure he is smaller than that now. He has to have lost at least 15 pounds in the last two weeks. He is larthargic and sad. Ignores me when I call him. He just sleeps all day. He wakes up to throw up and that is about it. The vet thinks he has an ulcer and pancrentitis. He is on a stomach coater pill, pepcid ac, amoxicillin, and an anti-nausea pill and yet I see hardly any changes after 11 days of treatment. If you have any idea on what he might have please help. I appreciate it.

Siobhan and Dodger

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Please, if he has pancreatitis he should NOT be home,

he needs to be at a 24 hr. hospital. I cannot stress this enough. This can be a fatal disease. Find 1 24 hr specialist hospital and take him IMMEDIATELY.

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I agree, get to a Bulldog vet immediately.

I am sorry you are having such an issue with your bully boy. Please find a bulldog specialist up in Phoenix that can help you. It will be worth the time.

I like your boys' name. I have a King Doberman named Dodger:-)

Amy and Sophia

How scary. Have they done a barium xray?

to rule out an intestinal blockage? Many toys and balls and things won't show up on a regular xray.

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Siobhan needs to find a bully vet in his area--any advice???

I just got an e-mail from Siobhan and Siobhan's bully is currently seeing non-bully vet. If anyone can recommend a bully vet, please leave a message on Medical Forum or e-mail Siobhan directly.

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THANK YOU KATHY for those phone #'s

I do not live in that area, but agree help is needed tonight for sure.

Andrea, Ruby, Lola and Jigger

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After 11 daysof treatment and a loss of ~ 15 pounds, it is time

You should contact an E.R. Vet at a University hospital or someone, tonight that can help you. You have to get assertive. You should have some type of definitive diagnosis after this amount of time. Don't wast any more time or $$$ on your present vet.

Dodger needs help, NOW. I am not familiar with where you live. Have you 'googled' E.R. Veterinarians near where you may live and give them a call.

Sounds suspiciously like a toy stuck...has Dodger pooped at all lately. Is it loose or formed. He sounds like he needs help now.


Andrea, Ruby, Lola and Jigger

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The dog needs to get to a Bulldog type vet IMMEDIATELY,

I hope someone on this board has a recommendation for a great vet for your baby. You cannot let this carry on ANY LONGER.

Andrea, Ruby, Lola and Jigger

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There are a couple of good vets in the Phoenix area...

if you want to drive. Cindy Junger is at Alma School Animal Hospital at Guadelupe Road and Alma School road (near the Guadelupe exit on the 101). 480-838-9117. Of course they are closed on Sunday. We use Dr Willms at Arrow Animal Hospital at 51st Avenue and Thunderbird. 602-938-2707 and they are open on weekend although he sometimes doesn't work on weekends. Dr Sherell is also good, they both own bulldogs themselves. Good luck, hope you can find out what is wrong.

Kathy, Ollie and Chester

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