Our Survery answers....

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Our Survery answers....

What is your most comfortable shoe? Flip Flops or slippers.

Have you ever been in a fight (other than verbal)? One hair pulling fight over a GUY (how embarrassing now!!)

What is your favorite piece of jewelry? I'm a BIG jewelry lover so I have so many FAV pieces.

Who is the youngest in the family? Winston.

Do you like to arrange things or just let them happen? Definately arrange things--bad habit that drives my hubby crazy!

Would you rather have your head in the clouds or be in a rut? Head in the clouds

Do you scratch where it itches, even in public? not in public

Have you ever owned a Chia Pet? Nope

What is the ugliest color to wear, in your opinion? florescent type colors

What is the scariest thing you've ever done? Owning our own business

Do you have any rituals for when you travel? pack and then repack to try to make it all fit. Be EARLY at airport and if we are driving...then I need to look at multiple maps and google earth so I know what to expect. I HATE going somewhere I don't know anything about by myself

Do you have a favorite commercial? Right now the IKEA commercial makes me laugh

What was your high school's mascot? Panthers

How long have you been driving? 22 years.

What do you enjoy doing on weekends? Sleeping in, being lazy in my pj's on one day and the other day go shopping. When we can (hubby busy with business) just to go away for the weekend-camping, Adminzona, Las Vegas, etc

Have you ever had a bay window in your house? yes

What is the longest you've ever slept? This was WAY before my kids were born obviously...but probably 12 hours

Can you skateboard? Not anything fancy, just push and go

Do you live near a tunnel? No.

Have you ever played Tiddly Winks? No

Your front door: round knob, push down button or lever handle? Push down button

Have you ever had a weather vane on your roof? No.

What is the best meal you make in a large pot? Chicken Dumplings

Would you trust your neighbor with your keys? One side YES, not the other

The last time you went to a library? probably a year ago

Do you belong to an auto club? AAA

When did you last scream? Why? Last month....at my wits end with kids/hubby so when I was alone in the house I let one rip!!!! Felt much better. LOL

Do you have rain gutters? No, but have the drains ready to put some up

Beauty pagents: serious competition or flesh parade? Unfortunately, if you don't have the looks, you would never make it. So I'd say flesh parade (and YES, I'm jealous when I see them. LOL)

What's the best excuse you've ever told a cop? Never have needed to

The last time you stubbed your toe, what curse word did you use? My words are son of a B** and Damn it Not a big cusser

mmmm..chicken dumplings...

you gotta tell me how you make them...i love them.

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