o/t: In case you didn't see my post on Friday.... we rescued the dog ...

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o/t: In case you didn't see my post on Friday.... we rescued the dog ...

We went out Friday and got the mama dog, who we have named Admines, and her sole pup, who we named Leo... we also picked up two other pups from the same property. Admines chain was so tangled she only had 2 feet of chain! Leo was constantly being attacked by the male dog no matter how many piles of food they put down so they took him too. Admines was pronounced to be at least 30lbs if not more underweight. The vet said that the muscle deterioration was so bad that even the muscles in her skull where depleted. She is in a great foster home and will NEVER be chained up again. She can barely walk from the back porch to the fence. None of the dogs could be vaccinated as they are all in too poor of health. Little Leo is staying with us until I can transport him to his new foster home on Friday. We are prepared for whatever comes at us, but the lady has not called yet so our guess is that she was gone all weekend long and has not even noticed her dogs are gone yet.... again, no food or water left our for 6 dogs.



And to keep it bulldog related... My dogs are so good with the fosters. We put Leo in the yard and let my two outside... They saw him, walked over, gave him a sniff and went on their way to do their own thing. It's like he was always there... then last night all the pups where in the bed watching TV with us before we went to sleep and little Leo curled right up beside Winston. I don't have a picture, but here is a funny pic of Wintson with our first foster, Maddox..

Deanna, Daisy & Winston


Cathie Chopper and Stitch's picture

You certainly have your hands full

Kudos to you for doing the right thing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I think was you did is wonderful and very brave!

karenjo's picture

Bless you

Something about that Mama dogs face just melts my heart. I am so glad she is out of there.


So glad to know they are safe with you. Hope Aries can make a full recovery. She has such gentle eyes...

All secure in love!

Thank you for the wonderful work that you do!

Céline and Angel Stella's picture

You TOTALLY rock!!

I'm so glad you guys did this. That poor girl. And little Leo will end up having such a happy life. Way to go!!

Monica-Maude-Gus's picture

You Rock!

How wonderful to give these dogs a chance at a good life!

onslowsmom's picture

That is wonderful

at least now the dogs have a chance... Thank you and your associates for helping those poor dogs.


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