OK, I'm confused on the wrinkles... Peroxide?Gold Bonds, Desitin or Balmax?

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OK, I'm confused on the wrinkles... Peroxide?Gold Bonds, Desitin or Balmax?

Everyone's got me sooooo confused.

1) What do I wipe with?
2) Do I then Dry them? If so..with what?
3) What do I then apply?

HELP!!! Her wrinkles are turning brown by the day. I think her eye is running too... It wasn't before.

for a clean and kissable face ..jif is the cream of choice...


Way to tell it, Boo!


Don't listen to any of them -- use Jif instead

also put some on their tongue in case it can't reach their wrinkles.


You are right, any of them will work. Its just what works best for you and your dog.

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I'm going to throw a wrench in: Gerber's better than ALL of 'em!

I'm really only kidding, but we do use the Gerber brand diaper cream. Grover HATED Desitin... and personally, so did I. No matter how much I washed my hands, I couldn't get rid of the smell. Blech!

I haven't smelled Balmex, but for the same reason, we like Gerber. Isn't so strong. I took Sue B.'s advice on that one.

But I'm sure they all work exactly the same!


My breeder told me...

That she uses this stuff called "corona", (not the beer, but I thought that's what she told me at first!) I think it's for equestrians, on her show dogs & I guess it takes the stains out. As soon as I find out where I can find a farm store to buy it, I thought I'd try it.

Jodie and Elsa

balmax vs desitin

I think both products work equally, I use the balmax because the dogs will tolerate the smell better than the desitin.

tear stains.

Everyone has different things that work for them because each dog is different, some will work, some wont. I tried everything on Annie, NOTHING worked, until I switched her food to Natural Balance. I am totally amazed, she has no tear stains and her white fur is beautiful.
With tear stains the surface cleaning will help, but will not prevent.


I recently bought the balmax - it was right next to the desitin in the baby aisle. They're both for diaper rash, but I am not sure if one is a better quality than the other. I have used both and haven't noticed a difference in the effects, so I guess it's cool to use the balmax.

I am also learning that the drying is the most crucial part and damn those wrinkles are hard to get completely dry. But he is looking better and that is with me using either balmax or desitin.

Gertie is absolutely adorable - best of luck.

Is Balmax as good as Desitin ?

Ive been using Balmax and poroxide and it ain't working probably because I haven't been drying the area... But is Balmax as good as Desitin? and is Desitin good to use on a baby?

Thank you soooo much, I'll try this

Thank you for the step by step. Owning a bullie is a lot of work, and I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can for her.

I do exactly the same thing ..set by step..but it might take sev

results..just be persistant and consistant...ce

Everyone has a different method... here's mine (LONG)

My first bulldog had terrible tear stains. I didn’t realize that a regular cleaning routine was needed in order to get the stains under control, until a professional show handler gave me some pointers. He told me about hydrogen peroxide and Desitin.

First, take a clean cotton ball and apply hydrogen peroxide to the stained area. Next, wipe the wrinkles/stains dry using a second cotton ball. Don't leave the wrinkles wet from the hydrogen peroxide. Wet wrinkles will only cause bacteria and irritation. Once you've wiped the wrinkles dry, apply a layer of Desitin diaper rash ointment onto the stains and leave it. By using this method, the hydrogen peroxide cleans and bleaches the stains, while the Desitin (because it's medicated) keeps the wrinkles from getting raw and irritated.

For severe stains, this cleaning method should be done at least once per day. I suggest doing this just before bed so your dog will hopefully go to sleep and not worry so much about trying to wipe the Desitin off his/her face. Once you've got the stains under control, you can probably cut back on the cleaning to maybe once or twice a week. Eventually, you may only need to clean them (using this method) once or twice a month. Between cleanings, just wipe their wrinkles each day with a baby wipe or washcloth.

Other things that can help to eliminate tear stains...

… always keep clean, fresh water available for your dog. You may even try filtered or bottled water. Many areas do not have good tap water quality, and it’s possible that your dog is getting stains from the minerals in the water. Personally, I notice a huge difference in my own dogs just by using filtered water from my Brita pitcher.

… feed a good quality food. I stay away from any foods that contain artificial colors/flavors, dyes, etc. I also don't feed any foods that contain iron oxide, since this is the same thing as "rust". I also stay away from beet pulp because of its red color. I don’t know if beet pulp has any relation to tear stains, but I do know that there’s no real need for it in dog foods (except as a stool hardener, which there are other ways around), as it just adds extra sugar.

… prescription medication "tetracycline" that you can get from your vet. It is an antibiotic, but it has been used by many in the past to help eliminate tear stains. I've heard of people having great results from it, although I've never tried it. I'm really wary of using prescription medications unless it's really necessary, i.e. for health reasons, not cosmetic.

… avoid the tear stain products (Pretty Eyes, etc.) in pet stores. They’re pretty much worthless in my opinion.

Most important, you MUST rule out any potential eye problems before you can expect to get the tear stains under control. Common eye problems that can cause tear staining (due to excessive tearing) are entropion and distichiasis (extra eyelashes).

Hope this helps!

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