my new license plates came they say: BULLDGZ

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my new license plates came they say: BULLDGZ

and since I live in Adminzona I only have to put one on the rear so I can put the other plate up somewhere.It's cool it looks like sunset at the Grand Canyon.

I have one. It says....BULLY

I love it...


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Your state might have a web site that you can look up license plates to see if they are available or if its already taken. Here in Nevada, we have one like that.

I'm still waiting for mine..

It sayz ADPT_BUL

Not all bullies are as fortunate as the ones we call our own....

I'll post one soon-having problems with pics/computer & hotmail.

maybe all use flickr.

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I want one!

Where's the pic? I only have to have a plate on the rear too, but I wonder if anyone has customized this plate yet? Hmmmm....

Sandra, Cooper and AJ!

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that is a cool license plate...our state has one plate

too vanity plates are fun...


Totally jealous. I want one too.....


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