More reasons why SKIPPY is better than jif PEANUT BUTTER

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More reasons why SKIPPY is better than jif PEANUT BUTTER

Report on NBC today that a woman found a dead mouse in her JIF peanut butter jar.



I suspect...

that it was a plot by Boo and CLovis to drive down the price of Jif Peanut Butter so they could corner the market and horde huge amounts in case of a national emergency. It's just a theory!


how traumatizing. i might never eat yougurt again if that happened to me.

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Maybe Im just paranoid and dont trust people, but

that sounds like a 'damage control' story to me. I doubt Jif would ever release a statement saying "Yes, it was a dead mouse. Were sorry."

Sounds like damage control! It was an apple and tests show it had to have been put there AFTER she got it to her house! Perhaps it WAS an apple but how could it have landed itself on the bottom of her jar of pnut butter without disturbing the pnut butter in the rest of the jar? Something doesnt sound right.

When I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter, I was eating the Danon Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt. About 4 bites into the yogurt, I chomped down on what was NOT a strawberry. I spit a full-sized (crunched) roach out of my mouth onto the napkin! I puked for 3 hours straight and almost had to go to the hospital because I puked myself into labor pains. It doesnt take much to make a pregnant woman throw up in the first place. It was horrible. All Danon had to say was "It must have gotten in there after you opened it." Yep! crawled up my arm and into my yogurt as I was walking across the room with it- and swirled itself right into the middle of it! YUCK!

Wendy and Henry

After analyzing the opject

it was found to be an apple, with mold and a stem, no bones or hair found.

Well at least it wasn't a mouse...

Maybe her grandson or another child put the apple in the peanut butter. The woman is pretty naive to deny that this is a possibility!


thanks! n/m


I believe that your theory may have some merit!

ha ha ha

same happened here...

when i was younger there was a duncan donuts right next to our church, so my mom would buy donuts for all the sunday school children. i remember my sister biting into here donut and cooked right in was a little roach! GROSS!

Emily & Murphy
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