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Marcel Daignault and DK Bulldogs


Re: Yes!! I do have to sue you!! Here's why...

Curious where did you purchase your puppy - what state and city. We have similiar problem with a guy named victor from New York, Puppy Room Kennel. Thanks Lynne

whoa! the wrong dog story prevails.

There were two piebald dogs in that litter. Also a red brindle boy. Emil, a person Heather sold expensive dog to has the red brindle. He almost bought the one you received but changed his mind in the end. You received the other dog. By the way, DNA test will tell you who the dam and sire were.
Better bring that evidence. It's a service available through AKC. Investigate, than point fingers.

To suggest we switched dogs is crazy. Heather has said the same but you both have bred these dogs you bought.
If you bred a dog you absolutely feel is wrong, what were you thinking? You clearly have buyesr remorse and are persecuting me on this site.
If I were others, I'd learn from your actions on what not to do to people.

Remember, I have e-mails telling me how much you loved him when he arrived. You proceeded with breeding him. Too your bitch? Someone elses?
You and/or them must have liked him.

You needed papers, you are getting them. That was confirmed when I sent you the litter number. I further gave you a name/phone number of the case manager supervisor with AKC who could explain how you are jumping through your butt.

You have many starled at the $2800 you paid for a delivered pup. Ait fare was all of $400.
That means you paid $100 less than what you co-conspirator Heather Hale sold a dog to Emil for.

You telling me nobody who breeds Bulldogs in Atlanta get that much for pups? I'd have to disagree.
Check out some of those in your area.

Why did you buy from me?? I wish you hadn't but I'm not going to run with my tail between my legs.

I'm in for the long run on this one.

Threatening calls from your husband and all.
Transcript of the call will be posted soon.
I have the back-up tape to prove the occurence.

I wonder who'd like their wife to get a call from your husband using the words "I'll hunt you down...
no matter what, I'll get you.".

That's what a terrorist does.

Greg got a little twisted when he did that. Remember, we had the cops listen to it. They thought it was not good and cautioned us not to respond on the phone. They also said, " call us if he shows up on your doorsteps".

Enjoy that dog you bred, he has a very nice pedigree. I bet he sired some nice pups.

I asked Greg, " wouldn't it be better to wait for papers and have registered pups?". He said," no, I just want to get you". He's not here for the dog or refund, sounds like he has some kind of fettish for me.

I also heard Heather Hale sold a pup to someone we know. I'll know soon if it's a registered pup from her Dora, littermate to your dog. That would mean she's happy the papers are processed.

You should report what the AKC rep told you if you bothered calling. I gave you the name and number. the info will not support your case/argument.


Re: Well hello, how's your son???

You always have an answer for everything don't you? How DARE you tell this person anything about what to show their son! It is by God's grace that it is not your child that has cancer and don't forget it! Don't insinuate that they are showing their child hatred. I received an E-mail from this person and they are kind and far from hateful. You know that so don't try to twist things here! You know the truth that happened and so do I after reading their E-mails. You just take the cake! Unbelievable! Shame on you!

And you have the AKC number and AKC is sending you the papers...

What more do you want? Oh yeah....$10k for you and Heather.

Yes!! I do have to sue you!! Here's why...

Marcel, I have a dozen E-mails BEGGING you to take your dog back and send me a refund. You refuse to provide the AKC papers to me or give me a refund so of course I have to sue you or I would be letting you rip me off and I can't do that! I paid $2800 for a registered dog and that's exactly what I want. Also, the dog I bought in the picture is NOT the dog you sent and I will prove that in court with your own E-mail and ask for my money back since you switched dogs on me!

Thanks for the nice words.....

AKC was having difficulties yet I've been called a fraud and the likes.

Well hello, how's your son???

Yes, I didn't come across well with you because I wanted to terminate the sale.

Dr. B. didn't feel comfortable with the pup. You told me your son, who was getting chemo therapy, would be devastated if anything happened to that dog.

I wasn't going to let you go out the dog with that hanging over my head. You had a very weird look in your eye and that bothered me.

Hopefully your son is fine. We'll include him in our prayers as we did back when I met you.

You're quick to judge. Best you show your son love, not hatred.....



I accidentally put ten months instead of nine that I have been waiting for my papers. I meant to say nine. Either way, AKC has NOT been having problems (as you claim) for nine months and I should have had my papers well before now. I should have had them when I got the dog SINCE HE WAS ALREADY SIX MONTHS OLD WHEN I BOUGHT HIM!! Why wasn't he registered by the time he was SIX months old and sold to me Marcel????

Your show dog.....

Have you seen your e-mail from when he arrived at your home? You said he was beautiful. What happened??

My AKC papers are WHERE????

No Marcel, I DO NOT have my AKC papers for my dog that I bought for $2800.00! You know that I don't because you have yet to provide them! On 9-18-02 I paid you in full for my dog. It is now 6-14-03!! Almost an entire year of begging for my papers and NOTHING but empty promises from you! You keep claiming that it is AKC's fault well, EVERYONE knows that they haven't had a problem going on for TEN MONTHS!! You bred the dam when she was unregistered (AKC confirmed that to me) so don't you dare chastise me for breeding my male when the only thing I'm guilty of is trusting you! Oh how I regret EVER purchasing this dog from you! California law mandates that you should have provided his AKC papers to me by now. That's why you are being sued. The court hearing is July 10th. He is being sued by two of us that never received the papers and all are welcome to attend the hearing as it is a matter of public record. Again, I have yet to receive them, just empty promises. Also, if you have a problem with Heather breeding her dog at a young age then why did you breed your male to a nine month old? Or didn't you research her papers?? If you deny it I WILL post her litter registration papers so that anyone can verify it!My friend bought one of the pups!! I've seen Heather's dogs. They are in beautiful conditions. Enjoying her home and yard at leisure and you know that! She loves her dogs and any fool can clearly see that by visiting her beautiful home! I asked you over and over to take this dog back and return my money so now I'll get a court order making you stand by your word. You sold me an AKC registered dog and did not provide that to me! If you want to continue public then I WILL forward the name and number of the representitave that you provided me with who will state that I have no papers yet and you put the wrong sire down (what's up with that)? and that he has no idea if that is the papers to my litter or not! Get off your high horse. What you have done to us is totally unacceptable. I trusted you and you completely dumped on me! There is NO REASON that I should have to sue you after almost an entire year of having to deal with your mess! Get your paperwork straightened out or quit breeding! You started the threats and lets not forget that! I have an E-mail from you apoligizing! Don't you dare talk to me about "taking the cake" The nerve you have! My husband NEVER threatened her! He just said that you can't hide. He said that because you kept hanging up when we would call to ask about our papers! Very nice business practices Marcel! Very professional of you! Make no mistake. I'm NOT slamming you. Simply stating THE tRUTH! I purchased a dog from you ten months ago and was promised AKC papers and have not received them. LOOK UP THE LEMON LAW!! You broke it and I'm suing you. Simple as that!

The reason I didn't send you the photo.

I sold the dog as a pet the next day.

See, all those bad thoughts you had about me.

Why do Americans do each other up so much?

When I was in Vietnam listening to bullets wiz by, the guy next to me was an American willing to stake his life to defend mine. He didn't ask where I was from, who's dogs I breed or any of that. We were Americans in this together.

With this message board, I've been slandered, accused of very bad things I didn't do and more.

Your dogs are registered. AKC did have a problem!

I even gave you a phone number of the case manager with AKC that handled everything. He's also been helpful in getting me ready for July 10th.

You now have your dog's AKC number. It's late like 1000 others.


I'm trying to place you but I can't

I'm dismayed that you once enjoyed my company at shows but now have fallen for the bunk on this message board. Want me to explain? I'm not but check out your info sources before you call Larry Parker or the likes.

Thanks for passing judgement without a hearing.



You don't have to sue. It is the American way but there's an alternative, call me.

God bless America.


Hi Heather, it's Marcel

I finally found this. Great. I needed this to help me out.

What about you telling my friend Emil that I was going to get thrown out of the BCA, the AKC and all that? All B/S and you know it. You're just one passing on the rumors or also creating them.

Now that you have your bitches AKC number, you going to register those pups? Be careful, if you do, you won't have those big losses you are claiming.
How much are you figuring a pup? Haven't you sold pups for $2500 before? That would be awful according to these people on this board. I know you sold the dog to Emil for a similar figure. Why was that ok?

Why is it a crime for me to sell a pup for so much when you do the same?

People have never met you face to face. You talk the talk but you are just a person pumping out pups.

How much did Emil pay for your pup out of Mini Pearl?
That was in the $2500 range. We'll ask Emil when he's with me on the 10th.

She's the girl you said I sent the wrong picture on when you bought her. Funny, you had her at home for months, brought her to me to breed, she had pups, you sold some for big obscene money and now you say I sent you ther wrong dog? What are you smoking girl?

Later girl. See ya on the 10th.

Yeah, this will get them going about me but all that high price crime crap is exactly what you do, so welcome aboard .........

Marcel Daignault, DK Bulldogs
" BCA Hall of Fame" breeders

This is Marcel from DK Bulldogs

If you all think $2800 is lots for a Bulldog, you must live in Arkansas.

In NYC, the big breeders BCA get $3000 plus and pups back when they are bred.

Cheaper pups are in the LA Times everyday of the week.
Just go there if your connection goes dry on cheap pups. If they have an endless pile of cheap pups, they may be a puppy mill.

It's been a great eleven years as a Bulldogger.

You have your dog's AKC number.


You've been a busy girl. This is my first chance to check out this site.
Now, I have sent you the AKC number of your dog a few minutes after Tera Lemai, the breeder received the papers in the mail.

We also know that AKC is sending you the actual papers. We now have an AKC case representative helping us with dealing with you two parties.

You and Heather Hale are suing me in Small Claims Court in California. Thing is, I have NEVER violated any AKC rules, because if I did, I would have since been penalized for any of my actions.
It's known fact that AKC did recently have problems that took months to straighten out. It's also not an AKV violation to be late with papers. One merely pays a lte fee, submits an explanation and the papers are then processed, such as in this case.

You all jumoped through your butt and did me in.

Thank you very much.

You and Heather Hale bred dogs you had not yet had papers on. AKC would have said to wait before you breed. Also the fact that the female was very young leads one to speculate what was Heather's reason to breed. You as a breeder are suppose to check out pedigrees and all that before making that important step. Instead you all jumped right in and bred without waiting. Funny thing is, now that you have your dog's papers, you can register every pup from the breedings you each had. Where's your loss you are suing me for?

You can now register your pups just like the thousands of others that had to wait.

You have slammed me around on this site long enough.

Noticed you and Heather are not members of the Bulldog Club of America. Aren't all breeders?

This months Bulldogger, a national publication from the BCA features our kennel on the back cover.

Never in my eleven years of breeding did I run into a bunch like you, your husband and Heather.
Your husband took the cake by leaving my wife a threatening message. Transcript to follow on this message board in the next few days. Let everybody else decide who they should be watching out for.

You've both slandered me by saying that I was being thrown out of the BCA? Is that right........

Then why are we on the back cover of their publication this month?

I think of all you've said.

We'll see what's to be said on July 10th and there after.

Marcel Daignault DK Bulldogs

I understand but there are channels........novices please read

Carol and others...
I understand your frustration completely. I also do not support him or his practices however...discussing his name in an open forum will not improve the situation and you can be held liable. Don't lower yourself to name calling and blasting on the won't help.He is one of many who do this and will continue. Education is the key. Spend time doing the research before buying.
For those who have had issues with ANY AKC papers, the BCA does have an AKC delegate who can personally research and get answers about complaints such as this.
It is illegal to assign papers with money on a transaction with the AKC. The breeder can be suspended and fined for such actions. It is also published in the AKC Gazette who has been investigated.
For those considering a bully purchase....
I can't stress enough that you do your homework and get references BEFORE COMMITTING TO AND PURCHASING A BULLY!or ANY AKC registerable dog! An ethical breeder will provide AT LEAST a litter application and a bill of sale with a guarantee when you purchase ANY DOG providing it is AKC bred, sired and not imported.Don't let cute wrinkles rangle you out of $$$$$'s and a litter application. There is no excuse for a delay such as this. An ethical breeder usually sends the litter application in around the age of two weeks old on a litter knowing that the litter application papers for each pup should arrive when they are to be placed 10-12wks of age.
Bear in mind also that papers can also be falsified, parents swapped, sires changed, you name it..that is why the AKC has insisted on DNA of sires and if you need a parentage resolution, DNA's can be performed on an entire litters and kennels.
Issues do arise time to time between breeders when having a litter and chasing someone down for a signature sometimes takes time. Everyone who is on the bitch's papers MUST sign when registering a litter.That is the BREEDERS/Sellers responsibilty to resolve before placing pups.
I am sorry this has happened as this only speaks ill for our breed in general when someone does not play by the rules or ethics our AKC and BCA have. Feel free to email me privately if you need a contact or help with the matter. I hope you have a sound resolution soon. Above all else, give your bully a hug!
Susan Somers

You forgot a key word


If he is doing these thing you are not falsely saying anything about him.

From what I have read here, it sounds like he deserves it.

Cool Dude is cool but not Marcel !!!!!


I Got a boy bullie from Marcel in december. I had an 18 month bullie that was my son's it died last september. My son (9 year old) was due for kimo in december so I promised him a bullie pup. As I said I got a boy bullie from Marcel, I got him home and my sonwas so happy. That nite my son had to sleep with him so my son the pup and I slept in my bed that nite. During the nite I noticed that the pup was breathing very shallow and was panting. The very next morning I took the pup to Dr Butchco and he said that the pup had something lose in his chest and that I should return it to Marcel and wait a few days.

So I called Marcel, he was so mad and would not let me get a word in I toled him I would like to leave the pup with him (in return he would give me 1900 of the $2000) and pick he up in a few days; he said that I can return the pup but he will not keep him for me and if anyone wanted him he would sell him and that he would not take a deposit. I did not know what to do I was thinking about my son, I did not want he to have a sick pup and lose him too, I did not want to lose that pup becuse my son was now in love with him. So I toled Marcel please don't sell him and after he took to the vet that after noon if all was good I would come and pick him up.

I called him that after noon he said he was going to go to the vet the next day, I called him the next day he said the dog was just ok and that he was going to go to the vet the next day, I offered to pay for the vet bill and leave him a $2000 deposit and take him to the vet my self, he said no and that that was a pup can get sick, by going to the vet. I yeat called him the next day and then he said the pup has something and that the other people that he co-owens the litter are going to keep him till he gets will, I offered to give him the $2000 to hold the pup till it was well, and so when I was up there my son could see the pup, he said no I offered to pay for the pup and take him at my risk he said no, I was desperate it had been 3 day, in one day my son was going to kimo and he was asking about his pup. I gave up I had to lie to my son and say that that pup belonged to an other boy and that I got him by mistake. The very next breeder, I got a pup and got home as fast as I could, the pup turned out great but if I ever see Marcel any place he will get much more than an ear full!!!!

AKC denied that the litter had been registered

My intent was to seek out others having the same problem, as well as warn others. I paid $2800.00 for a registered dog and did not get the registration papers, just lies. I have caught him in several lies and he backtracks. I have E-mails from him stating that it's the AKC's fault, then it's Tara's fault, then it's not Tara's fault. Would you like to see the E-mails? I'll gladly E-mail them to you. I am aware of the problems with AKC, however this has been going on for momths before they started redoing their systems and the AKC said that they did not have to send new papers out like Marcel stated but that the dog was never registered in the first place. If people can't be warned about fraud then what is the point? I paid for an AKC dog and was frauded and he refuses to refund my money. In my book that's fraud. I don't regret posting this. I have now been contacted by another person that he has done this to. How can information be shared and how would I have ever known about her if I hadn't posted this? Marcel has had months to respond and do something. He refuses to do anything! This is unfair to me! That's the only thing unfair about this. Think you know him? Well, he THREATENED my husband and Mrs. Hale as well!

It's called Defamation...not slander...

FYI this is what I pulled from a legal site....

Defamation, sometimes called "defamation of character", is spoken or written words that falsely and negatively reflect on a living person's reputation.
If a person or the news media says or writes something about you that is understood to lower your reputation, or that keeps people from associating with you, defamation has occurred. Slander and libel are two forms of defamation.
Although I have an opinion about the situation and agree that the transactions have been does not need to be discussed here without that person would be considered defamation...take it private or in the chat..leave names out.
Better to be safe than sorry on this one. If you need a contact at the BCA for the AKC , feel free to email me privately.
Susan Somers

Re: i dont think this is right to slander someone on an open for

I agree Vicky,
However those are opinions, not the mention of a dog for sale, so I have to leave them, there free to respond and defend if they choice to as is anyone who is mentioned. In any case the points are well stated so let us move on! Always check out any breeder you consider buying a dog from or anything else for that fact.

ickytazz's picture

their are some major AKC problems going on

My breeder sent in her paperwork for some dogs months ago. She has been talking with them and they are re doing their computers and have been behind. She had to find copies of what she mailed and redo them.

I agree Gail, he has wonderful dogs.


Vicky Bosco & Bella

ickytazz's picture

i dont think this is right to slander someone on an open forum

If we are not able to use names of breeders who sell dogs, then why are we able to slam one by name on the forum.

This is wrong!!!!!

Vicky Bosco & Bella

Marcel Daignault did the same to me With Champion Mini Me

e-mail me if you would like. I have contacted AKC and they are going to look into it. Heather

Marcel Daignault did the same to me With Champion Mini Me

I bought a female bulldog in July of last year from Marcel With the promise of papers within days. He told me he would not except a deposit to hold he until papers came in that I had to pay for her in full. I did. It is know April and have no papers for my dog and since have been treated like a criminal by Marcel. It feels like a used car salesmen. It is great until you need something. I bought my female to breed. I paid about $2000.00 for her. I have talked with the BCA, they informed me Marcel was having these problems with other people and he would not be renewing his membership and would not be able to until this was cleared up. I am taking Marcel to small claims court over the issue. I am just wondering if anyone else had had these problems. Let me know.

advice without mentioning names yet--AKC

ok im in the same boat--Bruno is almost 7 months--imported --no papers--keep asking. He has a tatoo on his ear. I have waited one month before another letter--can ANYONE help me with what i should put in my letter??? I have just been asking for my papers and they have said the last litters papers came in but not mine yet. As i remember if you dont have a dog registered by a year it can get very costly? Unless things have changed. These people have told me that even if it took 3 years overseas is different and i can still reg. him? I think--they said something about pictures taken--maybe. Any ideas before i write another letter would be helpful? you can e-mail me if you like at [email protected] I want this to be my last letter--im not interested in breeding at all--but feel i should at least have his papers. thanks everyone!

Re: What a shame to hear this

There has been 2 top breeders recently take a pretty good fall! I don't want to get into details, but that is why we take every precaution we can and then hope for the best still! I do hope you pursue it!

What a shame to hear this

I always enjoyed my chats with Marcel at the shows and I've adored his dogs. He has had entries at Westminster and is considered a "top breeder".

But, whatever the outcome, may truth prevail.

I'm very sorry ladies, that you've encountered these problems.

OMG! Marcel has been telling me the same thing!

I can't believe it! I've been waiting for months to get my papers from him and it's been one story after another! I thought something was very odd. I couldn't understand why things have been taking so long. My dog is over a year old and still no papers! PLEASE E-mail me privately so we can share information. I as considering sueing him, too.

MelisaBarrett's picture

Denise.... you are just too much!!!

Girl, you crack me up!!!!!!!

Re: Marcel Daignault and DK Bulldogs

Then I would carry out my claim and sue them, dont let them get away with it. 2800 is way to much, I know where you can get really nice show prospects that are AKC for that price! I would surely pursue it, seems to be a problem going on there is all I will say!

$2,800.00 for a bulldog!!!!

Where does this man live? Let me rack my brain. I would love to think of some way you can press criminal charges against him so he serves prison time. Suing for money will only get a judgment against him and I am sure he is not worried about that.

buying a male

I was very clear that I wanted a male to show. He knew that I planned to show him. Needless to say I am not showing him. He has very beautiful dogs and if he has the AKC papers in hand then I'm sure he is well worth the $2800.00 price. I would strongly recommend that you not buy a dog from anyone without the AKC papers in hand at the exact time of sale. I've learned the hard (expensive way)

I have recently been in touch with him to adopt a male but

He wants assurances that I will show the pup He was supposed to send a picture of the dog to me on Friday I am still waiting. I tried to ask questions about the pup through e-mail and he says that we should wait to see the picture. And then discuss it over the phone and yes he wants to charge 2800.00 for the 5 month old male because he is show quality. Now hearing all this I am a little fearful about it all. It is a lot of money to invest and then not have the proper documnets needed to show.

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