Late, Brief Introduction

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Late, Brief Introduction

Hi, I'm Monica and my husband is Steve. We've been married 8 years. We live in St. Louis. I'm a native but Steve was born in Adminzona and raised in California. We'd love to live on the beautiful central coast of California someday... We have no children together, but I do have a great stepdaughter (almost 18). Steve works for Starbucks and I am a legal secretary.

Maude is our two year old bullie. Steve had a bulldog in his previous life and he had always wanted another. I love dogs but I hadn't had one in some time. Well, Maude has been such a joy -- I love her totally. This picture was taken right after Maude completed her CGC this past August. (She has beautiful brown eyes, just not in this photo!) We are so happy to have found this site and the wonderful people on it.

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There she is!!!!

About time you posted that face, lol....


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Hey Monica! Such a happy family!

Great photo of you guys. And it is obvious that you two are very proud of your beautiful Maude.

Feel free to come visit our blog!

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on the CGC! nice intro!

Marcello, BigRed and Conan The Bulldog

Lforlisa's picture

Thanks for the pics!

Beautiful family!

Lisa and Tootsie

Amy Matt Jasmine and Porkchop's picture

Love the pic!!

Maude is one lucky bully!! I really wish I could have met you at Snort Fest!! Hopefully soon at a bully meeting!!

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Michelle Plankton Squidward and Viper's picture

what a happy family...

great pic, thanks for sharing.

Michelle, Plankton, and Squiddy

Deborah and the NC gang's picture

great pic...looks like you

guys are really happy


cidey's picture

Now those are proud parents!

and I love the name, Maude. Congratulations on her CGC, she makes a beautiful graduate!

Monica-Maude-Gus's picture

Oh yes - the markout!!

Do you live in Reno too? We visited Lake Tahoe in June and spent a day in Reno.

Monica-Maude-Gus's picture

I know!

She probably wonders why I don't post her beautibull photos all the time!!!!

Monica-Maude-Gus's picture

Thanks, Cody.

We are really proud of Miss Thang!

Monica-Maude-Gus's picture

Marcello - thanks!

She improved tremendously (and so did we).

Monica-Maude-Gus's picture

Thank you!


Monica-Maude-Gus's picture

Thanks, Amy.

The same group is discussing the possibility of a Bull-o-Ween costume party. If I hear anything I'll let you know!

Monica-Maude-Gus's picture

Thanks, Michelle.

I think Maude was happy that classes were finished!

Monica-Maude-Gus's picture


These bullies really make everything better!

Monica-Maude-Gus's picture

Thank you so much!

Our little neighborhood girls call her "Maub." She doesn't care as long as they will play!

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Hey Monica!

Great pix!My youngest daughter is a manager at a Starbucks in Reno.We get her weekly markouts on coffee YAY!!!

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