Just Wanted To Say Hi and give some updates!

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Just Wanted To Say Hi and give some updates!

Hi Everyone,

I've been popping in BDW every so often but really haven't had the time to post. I just wanted to let you all know that I am still around and that I am praying for all those in need and also sending positive thoughts your way!

Harley is doing better with her temperment! I'm not really sure what happened but she is back to normal. Maybe she was acting up because of the earthquake. Who knows! She minds and is no longer aggressive! Woohoo! Her allergies are doing great as well. She has been on Dinovite for 90 days and looks good! Her vet said to keep doing what I'm doing because she looks great!

My daughter graduated from the Army in her Intelligence Training last week in Adminzona. She is coming home this Thursday until the day before Thanksgiving so we are having an early Thanksgiving this Saturday. She will then go to Germany for two years! We've been praying she wouldn't go to Iraq, so far so good! Hopefully during the summer I will be taking a trip to Germany!

My husband and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary last Saturday, November 10th. We went to a wonderful Fondue restaurant called La Fondue. We tried their "Wild Thing" which was Alligator, Buffalo, Crockadile, Ostrich, Venasin and Wild Boar. All was wonderful except the Wild Boar was very gamey. I took pictures but they are at home right now. I will send pictures this week.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Of course this message would not be complete without a few pictures of Harley.

Have a wonderful week! Enjoy!


Who you calling Turkey?

Hi Kimberly!!---

Congrats to your daughter & to you & your hubby on your anniversary!!

Glad to hear that things are going well for you; & of course, Harley is just as sweet as can be!



Cody1970's picture

Belated Anniversary Congratulations!

Congratulations to your daughter! What part of Germany is she headed to? I was in Heidelberg for 6 years, my dad was stationed there. My sisters were actually born in Stuttgart (I was never there...before I was born.) And I love those pictures of Harley!

You call him a dog...I call him my heartbeat!

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