JUST want to share some good news.... IF anyone is interested.

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JUST want to share some good news.... IF anyone is interested.

My daughter got accepted into her first choice of college. It is not Harvard but I think that it is a good school and most importantly, a good fir for her.

Here is Adminel
Muhelenberg College Class of 2013


Again, I apologize for my mistakes and ask for everyone to move forward. I am extending an olive branch and I hope that during this holiday season we can all find it in our hearts to forgive and move on.

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Diane, Ariel is very lucky to have you

for her mom...Life is all about change and moving forward.

***Congratulations*** to Ariel for having big dreams...that is where it's at!!!

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Andrea, Ruby, Lola and Jigger

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Your daughter is a beautiful girl and I wish you, and her, all the best.

Michelle, Helen, Penny, Spanky and Faye pup

Congrats to Ariel.

I'm sure she will enjoy her freshman year in a smaller school. happy.gif

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Congratulations to Ariel

I hope she has a magnificent college experience there.




And click here for puppy photos of Boo & Clovis:


Congratulations Ariel and mom

she is such a beautiful young lady. I bet your very proud.

Rhiann,Mia,& Oy
RIP Samson & Karma

Thanks Amanda for the first rate info. We live in NJ so Allentow

aboaut 2 hours from us. That is a reasonable driving distance.. We will be making a couple of trips to check out the area and to attend orientation programs.

I will keep in touch with you. It will be nice to have some connection there.

Thanks for the advice, Good luck on your move and your accounting major.

Please keep in touch.

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she is beautyful

huge conrats to her and you all.

Bosco, Bella, Breve' & Holly



A little info

Allentown is not my hometown. I've lived many places in my life, lol. I grew up in San Pedro, CA; Long Beach, CA; Santa Clarita, CA and then moved to Allentown for 8 years, then moved back to CA and now I'm moving back to Pennsylvania.

There are REALLY cheap tickest right now to fly into ABE (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton Airport). I can get a roundtrip from LAX (Los Angeles) to ABE for like $250.

Where do you guys live now?

Muhelberg is a great school, from what I've heard. Allentown is not a bad city. You do not want to go into THE CITY at night (atleast I don't, haha, I'm a pansy). But ya know, my older sister lived in The City when she turned 17 and moved out of the house and she never had any problems. My fiance works for the 911 center for the city of Allentown and mostly all of our friends are either volunteer firefighters in the area, firefighters for the city of Allentown, or EMT's/Paramedic's in the area. I feel that Allentown is like any other city, it has its good parts and bad parts. I stay away from east of 15th street or north of Hamilton if I am alone. The mall is good happy.gif LOL. There is plenty of places to shop in the area. The Reading and Philadelphia outlets are not too far. There is a Super Walmart so she can do cheap college shopping happy.gif I would not be worried about the area she is in at the college. It is either Parkland or Emmaus school districts and both are VERY good school districts.

My major is Accounting.


Wow, a familiar face (human and bully) will be nearby....

How cool. Is that your hometown?

SHe will be moving on campus in August but we will be visiting sometime in June.

I know that Muhlenberg is a great school but what I know about Allentown is not that positive. Fill me in,,,,I am a nervous mother.

I will be in touch as the time gets closer, In the meantime, I wish you good luck on your move and in finishing your degree. what is it in?

Right now my daughter is undecided but she is leaning towards elementary special education.

Hope all goes well for both of you!

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Thats where I'm moving to!!

Hey Diane!

Please feel free to email me with any questions about Allentown or the surrounding area. I went to highschool there and am moving back there in May to finish my degree at Kutztown. I have a lot of friends that go to Muhelenburg. My whole family lives in the area.

What is her intended major?



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That is awesome!



I'm about an hour away...

Allentown isn't bad -as cities go. Every city whether large or small has problems. Allentown has one of the biggest and best level I trauma centers (maybe she'll meet a nice intern? LOL) in the state. Good shopping, close to the mountains, not too far from Philly (the King of Prussia mall is 45 min away). I think she'll really like it.

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Thanks Olivia Do you live near there? I know that

the school is safe but I am concerned about the city of Allentown. Any inside info I need to know?


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Excellent school!

Good for her! Pass along my congrats!

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Congrats Diane!

She's a beautiful girl!!

- The Shannan with the A

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Congrats! My cousin went there. Good school!


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:) that is wonderful news.. hard to get into schools these days

Hope everyone has a great day

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Great news!

Especially since it's the college of her choice!!!!

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son's an alum

My son graduated from Muhlenberg 2005. Great school!

Great she got into the right college for her....

glad to see you posting again....

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