Just starting my quest.

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Just starting my quest.

I'm Heidi from Indian Land, SC, just under Charlotte, NC. I have to admit that I am a doberman fancier and I realize this is probably the very opposite of an EBD. I will also admit that as unalike as they are, I'd be lying if I said I didn't find these guys and gals absolutely adorable and full of character. My husband, however, grew up with an EBD and this is his absolute dream dog and he says he WILL have one. Now, if I left it up to him he'd find the nearest newspaper and start his search because "his dog came from the back of a garage and it was perfectly healthy". So, in hopes of learning all I can about the breed and start my research on the standards and pedigrees I am hoping this is the right place to start. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it over the next couple years when we'll be ready to add to our family.

I have looked online hoping I would find a local rescue that I would be able to work with in order to get to know the dogs firsthand. Unfortunately I do not have any in this area and there are actually very few for adoption around here. That is a good thing because doberman rescues are busting at the seams around here unfortunately, but it is a great way for people who are new to the breed to get to know if it is the right breed for them. Even though rescues may have thier own baggage, most of them have no problem letting you get to know their uniqueness. And, as long as I could get an ILP, rescue will never be out of the question, or even fostering if the need should Adminse.

First, what I'm looking for for my family pet. My daughters have expressed interest in starting in the Junior ring. They are now almost 9 and 11. I also would not mind getting my feet wet in the ring and we have a great handling class local to me where I take my dog for obedience. Obviously, I am not looking for a breed that is extremely difficult to be shown by a junior and a newbie (such as doberman). I refuse to get a breed just because they are easy to show since they will always be pet first and foremost and forever.

In my confusing first glances at some pedigrees I've been searching online I've noticed a lot of litters that are not the product of both Ch parents. I am wondering if this is actually common practice and if there is a reason for it. This is from numerous show breeders sites that post health testing and at first glance look to be responsible breeders, so I am very curious about this. I am also having a hard time finding contracts online or even personal policies, maybe they are just not listed online for public viewing but I thought would be somewhat included in a puppy questionnaire of sorts, just enough to give some information.

In looking for my first show prospect puppy I'm assuming that most breeders would be looking for a co-ownership, correct? While I am looking forward to showing, I am not at the moment interested in breeding and will completely admit that I would not even feel the least bit comfortable in breeding without the aide of a breeder who would be willing to mentor me all the way through. I realize that most show breeders would not want to place a potential into a home that was not willing to breed, so I would assume most would want to be on a co-ownership for this reason with somebody who has not show to a championship before. I definitely have the time to get to know some of the dogs in the ring currently so I will be trying to spend some time getting to watch them and hopefully know a little more about what I'm looking for and hopefully get to know some of the breeders in the SE while I'm there. Hopefully even get the hubby to get there with me so he can learn a little bit.

Phew, I'm sorry for my long winded introduction. I'm sure I have tons more questions but I'm still looking up a lot of information and this was basically my first of a long line of questioning.

Thanks for reading my longwinded introduction, I figured I'd just give a little more information than the looking for a bulldog, nice to meet you. So, if you've made it this far, thanks.


Thanks for the welcome.

I appreciate all your welcomes. It is very intimidating looking into a "new breed" for me. I've spent years on my dobermans and this is all new territory.

Yes, definitely health is a #1 priority for me. I have dealt with heartache in the past and though it is something that I am willing to go through in order to add a rescue to my family, I would do my best to purchase from only a breeder that had health on the top of thier priority list. I know it is a balancing act if really trying to better the breed. There will unfortunately always be breeders (I'm sure they are called "greeders" in the bulldog world also) that will continue to breed generations of unhealthy dogs that are still able to perform well in the conformation ring and vice versa, a dog who does not do well in the conformation ring that may have something to add to as far as a healthy lineage goes and good longevity. The later being much more understandable than the forementioned. I'm hoping that with time and the right mentoring I'll be able to get to know the pedigrees and be able to tell which lines are aflicted with what health problems. Typically one of my first questions to breeders is "why did you breed these 2 together?" Particularly stumping to the BYB's who wonder why I ask such a stupid question. I am also not looking for somebody who is breeding for the sake of breeding, but rather somebody who is looking to better their particular line for themselves. If they are breeding for themselves, then I would hope they would care what they are breeding for other people.

I see that there is a BCA show along with a Piedmont Bulldog Club and Bulldog club of Greenville at the Piedmont Kennel Club from the 24th-26th of this month. I will be looking forward to going to at least one of those days.

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Welcome, JMHO is...

Bulldogs have a way of melting your heart. Now of course I will admit I AM TOTALLY BIASED!!!! LOL But seriously there are a lot of great people here and a ton of good info.

Welcome Heidi and family...

There's several "bits" of info I'd like to depart, but not necessarily in any order.

-Health is equally important or more so than confirmation and bloodline when looking to start your own show/breeeding program...IMHO.
-A good mentor is a MUST, usually the one you purchase from but not always.
-A good vet is worth his weight in gold! One who is willing to teach you what to look for, explain why this treatment was chosen and what other options you might also consider, etc.
-Bulldogs are mostly indoor couch potatoes but they need regular, regulated exercise to be healthy.
-Bulldogs respond to loving guidance, consistant routines and altho stubborn, they are NOT stupid; they can compete in performance competitions as well as a conformation ring and many do both.
-Read the BCA Standard of what comprises the best of this breed...and know that not one dog has yet achieved total perfection. IMHO, don't forget about movement as well as looks...much more to read on the Show Forum here (forum III) which you need to apply for admission to...but you can read the discussions.
-Not least of all, this is a wonderful site...a group of very giving and supportive bulldog owners, lovers and supporters...from novice dog owners to very accomplished champion breeders/exhibitors and judges too. Feel free to ask questions, anytime. We only ask that you are respectful of others feelings...and of course, follow Webbie's rules.

I don't have any advice for you ..

but welcome to the wonderful world of bulldogs. They are awesome. Good luck in your search and I hope you return with pictures and stories after you find your new family member.


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Hi Heidi and welcome!

Well, you are certainly starting out the right way by coming to Bulldogsworld. I'm sure others will offer you some words of wisdom but some things you could check out.

Check the Rescue Site and Breeders site on the home page. There are Bulldog Rescues in the North East in areas such as PA/NJ/MD etc so they may be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to Bulldogs in Rescue. You will also find many responsible and reputable breeders listed on the breeders page and as such, they will want to find out as much about you as I'm sure you do them....and that is a good thing. Due to the rising popularity of this breed, you will find puppies in newspaper ads or even on fancy websites but be cautious. A Bulldogs health can suffer greatly by bad breeding and you will see many examples of this in rescue. Responsible breeders will always have the best health of their litters a priority. I'm sure you too have seen abuse in this area with dobermans being bred with ailments such as von willebrands, hip dysplasia and CVI....it is always important to know background of a sire and dam to avoid heartbreak further down the pups life.

Als, go to the show forum and ask about shows in the NC area so you can get a feel for to meet some of the wonderful people involved in showing bulldogs.

Fair Warning - Once you have a bulldog, you will NEVER look back. As much as I have loved other breeds, the bulldog really is a special and fantastic addition to any family. Good Luck!

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