Is it OK to give ACEpromazine 25MG

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Is it OK to give ACEpromazine 25MG

to Bernard as a sedative? They didn't use it during his surgery but they prescribed it as a sedative to keep him quiet at home.....1 to 2 tablets every 12 hours. I need to keep Bernard quiet. He is standing in his crate right now and I want him to lie down. Help!


Yes, I split them in half..

I figured the least I could use to do the job was best. I had to keep him very sedate and calm during his healing time. He just slept while I stared at him for weeks. As I said, he tolerated the low dose of Ace fine. My vet, Dr Sweet in Folsom, CA., is a well known highly recommended bulldog vet. She was confident that it would not hurt him.

I had another vet prescribe 25 MGs for Junior years ago. I never gave it to him because of all the controversy. I think that amount would have been way too much for him in spite of the fact that he weighed 85 lbs at the time. (He's about 70-4ish lbs now).

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Is that like doggie downers?


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That's what I heard too and it is always

discussed here so I am having second thoughts on giving it to him.


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Do I just split the tablets?

I won't give it to him tonight. I'll do it in the morning when I know the vets are open. In the meantime, I'll do more research.


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Lily was perscribed Ace on two occasions, small doses...

sorry, but do not remember how much, it may have been 25 mg. She did fine, just slept a lot.
Just my experience. I did not know anything about Ace, but her vet was bulldog vet and I trusted him 100%.
Hope your baby feels better soon. Smooches.

Friday gets Tramadol.....

and it keeps her pretty calm. I gave this to Floyd too after his cancer surgery in May.....

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Suzette, before Henry passed away,

he was on Deramaxx and Tramadol too. The Tramadol knocked him out but that was a good thing, when he was in pain. It kept him still and relaxed. They had to give him Ace at the vet when he had all the xrays done in March, to relax him and sedate him a bit so they could get the xrays the way they wanted. The vet said they had to give him two doses to calm him down, but he didnt have any bad reactions to it. He just slept allllll day long and all night too, after that. He was really out of it when I picked him up from the vet, but I guess that was the effect they were going for with it.

Anyway, thats my experience with those particular drugs. Henry did ok with them, even with such a large dose of the ACE, but I know some dogs have reacted badly. I guess its the same with any drug- some have reactions to them and some dont.

Either way, I hope he feels better soon!!!! - Glitter Graphics

I have had bad experiences with ACE....

It caused Floyd to freak out once....charging me a biting me. I brought him to the vet the next day to see what happened and she said it can cause dogs to hallucinate.

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You can also give GRAVOL and that

will make him sleepy. Dramamine is the other name for can ask the pharmacist/vet the dog dose.

I would NOT give ACE...I have heard very bad things about Bulldogs and ACE...

Andrea, Ruby, Lola and Jigger

My vet refused to do Junior's prolapse surgery unless I agreed t

It kept him calm during his recovery. I didn't like using it, but he had no reactions or adverse affects.

NO! Start with 5 or 10 mgs...

Junior took ACE for a few weeks after his prolapse surgery. I never gave him more than 10MGs

Heard ACE can even cause death.


I heard ACE is bad news for a bull dog

Not sure why Suzette, but would not give the ACE.

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How about giving him some benadryl?

That should help him rest.

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Oh, I put him in a crate....

he is pushing the ex pen trying to get out.


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The vet does not believe in pain patch but

he has Deramaxx (inflamation) and Tramadol (pain) and Cephalexin (antibiotic) and then the ACE as a sedative. I just gave him the Deramaxx and Tramadol and he is sleeping now.

I don't think this dog feels pain. He is not even panting and he stands up no problem except of course that he is only using 3 legs.


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No expert here but I have read horror stories about Ace and bull

all I know is everytime I have read the medical board and there has been a problem posted about a bad reaction with a bulldog it has involved Ace.

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I wouldn't

didn't he come home with a pain patch and Deramaxx or Rimadyl for pain? He should have. Those should help to quiet him down - he is probably hurting and can't get comfortable. IMO there is no need to sedate at home - just keep him confined. I wouldn't crate either for the first 4-5 days.

I didn't crate Bear at all, I just kept him gated in a small area. I was afraid he wouldn't be able to stand on his own and if he was in a crate there was no way I could help him get up. And those first few days he couldn't stand on his own because he couldnt use his back leg.

Poor Bernard I feel his pain, and yours


Me too -Kiss that boy for me!

HUGS to you Suzette.

Sorry no help but give him a hug for us. Glad everything went we


yes sedation is one of its uses, here is some info for ya

here is some info on some breeds it must be used with caution, ie Bulldogs, Boxers ect..Some Bulldogs have died from the effects of Ace. Usually this is because too much was used and it lowers the blood pressure until the heart stops working. It is commonly used when a dog is put under anesethia and alot of people are now even aware it used on their dgos when they go under as a presedative...
some vets also use it prior to euthansia as well.
I dont use it frequently but do use it and can say that when i have it has been a life saver..but i start with a low dose and gradually increase if needed..


5 mg, 10 mg & 25 mg


Although Acepromazine has several actions that might be useful, it is mostly used as a tranquilizer. Strong anti-nauseal properties make this medication an excellent choice for traveling pets prone to both anxiety and motion sickness.

Acepromazine also can stabilize the rhythm of the heart in certain situations. This is especially helpful for highly sensitive patients who gets so frightened they can actually suffer a "heart attack" from fear. Acepromazine not only allays the fear through tranquilization but helps keeps the heart rhythm stable.

Acepromazine is commonly used to prepare animals for general anesthesia.

Acepromazine is also classified as an antihistamine; however, due to its healing tranquilizing properties it would not be used as such.

In summary, Acepromazine is used for:

Motion sickness
Alleviating Fear

Acepromazine is a long lasting tranquilizer. It should be expected to last 6-8 hours.

In extremely rare instances, some pets exhibit aggressive behavior as a reaction to Acepromazine.

Acepromazine drops blood pressure by dilating blood vessels. The strong tranquilization effect precludes the use of Acepromazine in the treatment of high blood pressure.

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