Introducing Ajax

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Introducing Ajax

Hello everyone,

We are new to the board and to the world of bulldogs in general. We have a 12 week old male bulldog named Ajax and we live in Columbus, Ohio. We got Ajax on Valentine's Day and our world has revolved around him ever since. We enjoy visiting this forum and learning more about the breed. We hope to use this forum as a resources as questions Adminse and we really like looking at all the cute pictures. Speaking of which, here is a cute picture of Ajax:

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

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Thank You

Thank you for all of the comments and nice words. We didn't realize how many people on here have ties to Ohio. We will definitely need to arrange a play date once the weather breaks (if that ever happens!)


What a Cutie!

Welcome. He is super cute!

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Very nice to meet y'all

Ajax is just beautiful.




And click here for puppy photos of Boo & Clovis:

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cute puppy

love his color


All photos are my property and cannot be used without permission !!

[linked image]

He IS a cutie!

Have you met Cody and her gang yet? I think she lives near you, and she posts here often...there's a few others from Ohio too. Maybe when the weather improves you all can do a meet-up play-date for the little ones.

Welcome! Ajax is certainly a cute one!

Love his brindle & white markings. I'd take one just like him! happy.gif
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Hello gorgeous and welcome!!


Michelle Plankton Squidward and Viper's picture


Ajax is adorable, looking forward to seeing pics as he grows. happy.gif

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Hello, fellow Buckeye!!!

What a cutie pie you have there! happy.gif We live about 20 mins from Cleveland.

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Ajax is adora-bull!!

Angela,PollyAnna,Penny, Delilah, and Hank!
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What a cutie pie Ajax is!!----

Welcome to the board fellow Buckeye!! We used to live in Columbus (well, actually we've lived there twice; once in the Sharon Woods area, and the 2nd time in Powell...our neighborhood backed up to the zoo), but now we're in Cincinnati (the 3rd time here...haha).

Anyway, I'm glad you have your little guy; you'll probably be "hooked" forever now with the bulldog breed. happy.gif

[linked image]

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What a cutie pie!


Love The Ohio State Buckeyes

I lived in Worthington but now we are Denver. Welcome to BDW your baby is beautiful.

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welcome to BDW Trisha and Ajax

what a sweetie pie


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he is so cute!

Kathe, Travis & Jake

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

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What a sweet face!

...very cute little guy, and looks like he has a sweet temperament, too by his expression happy.gif Welcome!

[linked image]
[linked image]

he is a real cutie

welcome to bdw

[linked image]

cute!! cute!! way cute!!!

Welcome to the happiest bully place on Earth!

[linked image]

gorgeous baby!!!

[linked image]
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Welcome.. Ajax.. what a cute baby and name.. ur life will now re

4 -eva.. Bella took over our house and is the queen.. and I couldn't love her more..

Hope everyone has a great day

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I live in the Columbus area too

Welcome!! Glad to see another Buckeye here!!

[linked image]

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Welcome Fellow Buckeye!!

Hi and Welcome! Ajax sure is cute! Is he your first bulldog?? I live northwest of Dayton, and belong to the Buckeye Bulldog Club! We have a specialty show next month. Email me if you are interested in attending!


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Ajax is so cute!!!

He's a beauty!

I love that sweet kissy face. Please visit often and show up how he grows.

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Hi there!

Cute is putting it mildly, AJax is a DOLL happy.gif

Welcome to BDW! happy.gif



"I love Ozzy"

Karen and Ozzy


What a cutie!

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Awww look at your little guy - he's adorabull!! Can't wait to read more about his adventures. I'm sure you already know what characters they are.

Welcome to the board, it's quite addicting... happy.gif lol

We are Lisa & Onslow from Rhode Island.

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