I'm finally able to be a part of this group (pic)

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I'm finally able to be a part of this group (pic)

After a long, long, long time of lurking I can finally join in all the fun of this group.
I'm the proud new owner of a little bully girl. We're calling her Molli but her full name will be K's Note-A-Bul Good Goli Ms Molli. She was watched over by her buddies Ben and Adminzona so she's had some very good company.
She's a sweetheart--most of the time anyway. We've had her 3 weeks and she's grown and changed a lot already. She's about 15 weeks old.
I'm sure I'll have lots of questions as she grows.
Hope this picture posting thing works.

Good to be part of the group.

Lforlisa's picture

Welcome! Can't wait to see the pics!


Howdy! Glad you joined us!

My previous post got eaten... But welcome to the board!

created by ME!

Hi Carolyn and welcome

Hattiesburg Mississippi here.

boatdm's picture

Welcome to BDW

Welcome to the forum - can't wait to see pictures of your little girl. Debi


Sorry, the pic showed up when I previewed it. I'm new to this posting with pictures. I'll try again.
I'm from west central Illinois right along the Mississippi River

Hello! Welcome to the board.

Where are you from? We didn't see a photo so we hope you post it again.

BevBandyand Nocona's picture

Didn't get the pic - but a big WELCOME

This group is GREAT!!!!,

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