I NEED some US georgraphy lessons...lol where is.......

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I NEED some US georgraphy lessons...lol where is.......

we have these huge storm watches here coming for the big snow storm this week
and it is all coming out of Nevada.
I will get it as well as anyone else on the board in Ontario Canada.
they are taking 50 cen. which is over 2 feet of snow between Thurs and Sat this week.

did Nevada get alot of snow recently.

I have no idea what Part of the US gets snow..
I know that Floridia and Adminzona do not really, or California..
but why I failed Georgraphy..

lol fill me in on some will you

MOST of our storms come out of the US

I know that Detroit gets lots and some of New YORK...

Go to the internet and check out a map...then...

Northern states and states with high mountains get snow. I'm in Minnesota - look center, far north. We hare expecting nine inches of snow tonight and tomorrow.

It's not just northern location that determines snow. Areas around the Great Lakes get a lot more snow because of the 'lake effect' where the moisture from the lakes ends up on the ground as snow.

Here in Minnesota, sometimes it gets too cold to snow. But, we have snow on the ground from now until March or April.

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LOL!! Pat, lots of TROUBLE comes from that Nevada area of the US

Gotta watch anything from that place:-)

Ok, on a more serious note....Nevada doesn't generally get huge snow storms, but it is next to states that do. So a storm that blows over Colorado, say, and leaves a lot of snow is hardly newsworthy here because it is a snowy state. But Nevada is next to Colorado and is more of a desert climate so gets very little in the way of bad winter weather. When it DOES get a lot of bad weather we all hear about it!

Amy and Sophia

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It HAS snowed in FL......lol

It definitely has snowed in Florida, though not a lot in Central Florida.

The 1993 "Super Storm" produced several inches of snow in the Panhandle.

Closer to home, occasional snow flurries are seen in the air when temperatures are down around the freezing mark.

The last time there was snow on the ground in Central Florida was back in the late 1970's.

FL born & bred here.... wink.gif

i live in northern calif and I do get lots

of snow. I have about 2 plus feet to shovel today. So yes some of calif get lots and lots of snow and that snow was all dumped yesterday

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be glad you don't have to buy OIL

to heat your house! With the cost of oil lately I don't know how people do it anymore.

when she first came home

wow..wow ..wow..12 feet.....

that is way to much snow for anyone..
we get power outages where I am too in the winter a few times
but never 2 weeks in a row..
it must be quite a chore to get prepared for that type of storm when it hits
how often does it blizzard like that??

never would have thought that you got any snow...

that is the first I heard of any snow in Arizona.
wow..for sure did not know that..

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Arizona DOES get snow, in fact...

it's snowing buckets in Flagstaff as we speak. Snow level is down to 4000 feet. We sometimes get snow in the foothills in Cave Creek but it doesn't stick.

Kathy, Ollie and Chester

That is funny!

What were they thinking?

Kim in BC [linked image]
Gotta love that face!

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There is only one other place on the globe that has as severe a

We have a DFA climate designationn-widest swing of mean temperatures in a year. The other place is near Siberia Russia on the east side of their mountains Ural. We can get anywhere from a foot to 12 feet if it blizzards badly as it has several times in my life-an old gal here. I remember digging out our big tractor that was covered and not having electricity for nearly two weeks. Ranch style houses were totally covered. We have to prepare for winter here! Dogs and all!

[linked image]

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Admired him when he was down there. Glad he and

his entourage came up north! We Husker fans are rabid, ya know, but welcome anyone-even LSU fans!

[linked image]

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You also got a good football coach

especially since he used to be with LSU.




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YUCK..just how I feel here too...

I heard that Nebraska gets quite a bit of snow
how much snow do you get a year there??
we can upwards of 4 feet on the ground by the time the spring comes around here to melt it or more some years..

Carol Diana Fergie Ollie and Chance's picture

Nebraska-we get snow! Great Plains state along with the Dakotas

We get lots of cold and snow. We are starting to get snow tonight and all day tomorrow and into Wednesday YUCK

[linked image]

that cold air is heading this way too Josie...

they are calling for frigid temps along with the snow too..
that is about right 15 F is what we will be at too..
and all of that 2 feet of snow or more..
they say it will start on wednesday night, then all day thursday and then Friday and into Saturday
IS IT STILL snowing there right now??

sounds like a cool spot to see..if just for the shows....

I see lots of advertisements for it here in Canada..
they really push the show there to see.
Canada is getting bigger and bigger at casino's but the shows
are not here like Las Vages

OH really..lol

I needed to hear that...hahhahha
air conditioning.....
80 temps..
sounding better to me all the time..

it is down right cold here...
I could handle 80 right about now..
and even Pay the electrical bills..along with it..lol

LOL! Those of us in the Pacific Northwest will think this is fun

Click on the link Gary provided, then scroll down a bit to the list of the 50 states and click on Washington.....

DUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH....apparently the map people need a geography lesson, too!

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Or at least be out of the 80's....gesh, my A/C just kicked on ag

I see that electric bill meter just flying around! LOL

[linked image]

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Yah it is soinething to see

if it can be imagined, it can and will be built in Las Vegas.

TamsenNJosie Louise's picture

North off of red Rock Road

and it is cold as all beejesus. 15 degrees, ouch that kinda cold hurts. I just saw Auburn on the news as part of NBC's evvening new and you guys do have snow. Franktown road, you are the luckiest girl in the world. that is beautiful horse countty. i lived in east sparks for awhile before i bought this house. i liked sparks, more of a homey feeling. J & T

I have never been to las Vegas..is it worth the trip there?

Maybe one of the few Canadians that has not been..lol
I did alot of travelling in my life..but not to Las Vegas.
is it worth the trip there???

ON MY WAY...lol

the sooner the better..
the warm sunshine state of Flordia..
alot of Canadians head south to Flordia for the winter..
I am not at a time of my life to do that yet..lol but maybe later.


well maybe the snow is coming....lol
does it snow in Los Vegas.

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Really, 2 feet in Reno?

Was that the town? Or are you on the edge of the mountain? I lived in Sparks for a while and on Franktown Road in Washoe Valley. We often got deep snow in the valley.

We got probably 8" in Auburn, CA, today, very unusual (see video of Raven this morning eating snow:)). Same storm you got I suppose. Hard freeze tonight now because of the clear skies.


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Raven (prior to tripawd surgery) and Betty
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I see ordeal by hunger is a book eh??

eh?? you learned something Canadian. bad saying we have here..lol.
anyhow I see it is a book and might be well worth the read if I can find it here.
i love stories like that..

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No snow in Florida...

wish we could have some, at least once!

much bully love~Christine, Dupree, Marley and Savannah

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Leslie 1, 2 and 3

I ought to know everything about Vegas. We will be living there one of these days


All photos are my property and cannot be used without permission !!



im in las vegas NEVADA lol.... we had rain all day still do ..an

huggs and sloppy kisses

jenny and bruce

YIKES IT IS YOU>>>>>>>>>>>LOL....for sure...........

well all that fun snow you got and so on..
that is what is coming here..
they are calling it the snow and cool air out of Nevada and up and over the Great Lakes..
a large part of our storms where I live are from Lake HURON and lake effect snow.
so when we get dumped on ..we get dumped on..

it is odd with this storm they are warning..
days in advance..
that is either a good thing.
or a bad thing.lol depends on how you look at it..

Dave and Roxy will get it for sure too..

anyone else from Ontario will be seeing it too..

the bullies will have a blast though..
hope they decide that the deck is not the first option either..lol

thanks Gary...LOL not all of Canada..maybe...

but for sure Ontario.
we get our great big storms from the States.
I can usually tell if Michigan is getting hit on the radar..
she is a coming fast..lol and guaranteed.
I use the Canadian government site for the weather..weather network sucks for accuracy..lol here anyhow..
this ONE is being blamed on nevada..lol in specific
but it but California..hmmm does not make alot of sense..lol

TamsenNJosie Louise's picture

yah las vegas

all glitz and glittter and crime. dont let anyone kid you that our certain friends (some goodfellas) dont run Las Vegas any different than they did when the opened the very first casino out in that god forsaken desert. very very interesting history, makes for a good read. and of course who can forget the Rat Pack? Ahhhh the stories the walls could share....


Nevada? You mean Las Vegas...........lol.

I only know Nevada cause of Las Vegas!

[linked image]

TamsenNJosie Louise's picture

Area 51 Baby!! Yeah!! eom

Clovis Boo Flynn and Gary's picture

Here is a map of the U.S. . . .


Nevada abuts California on its left (western) side and is south of Oregon and Idaho.

It's kind of funny you said that most of Canada's weather comes from the U.S. I thought most of the U.S. weather came from Canada and Alaska.

Of course, some people believe Nevada is really from out of space, [g].




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TamsenNJosie Louise's picture

and that would be Reno Nevada

Google "Ordeal by Hunger" and you will read the snow was 21 feet deep when they Donner Party tried to cross the Sierra's. Really a good read, but very sad.

TamsenNJosie Louise's picture

I Live in Reno

and i woke up to 2 feet of snow this morning and it is still snowing. we have horrible storms because we are at the eastern base of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. We got 5 feet at my house in 2003, i believe it was 2003. Now that was a storm and a half!!! Josie had a great romp in the deep snow, but doesnt understand you dont pee and poop on the path or the PORCH!! tee hee

at least the bullies can play in that snow..lol

it is coming for sure..really really doing alot of warnings
and by the looks of the pics of all the snow on the board today..
someone is getting it south of us for sure.

I will get somethings in the house just to prepare. with the snow we will get some freezing rain and that could mean power outages too.

I really do not winter..lol. the bullies love it. the pugs love it. it is just me.....I really want to move south as far as I can go.

70 degrees all year would suit me fine..

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