I missed Senior Bully day so here are mine.

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I missed Senior Bully day so here are mine.

I wanted to share my Pauley with you. He is a rescue that I pulled from a shelter 2 1/2 years ago that I could just never find a home for so he found his home with us. He's arthritic, has a horribly inverted tail that is always a problem, nearly blind from dry eye and my best buddy. He loves to hump any new dog, but gives up pretty quickly. Needs help going down steps, thus the harness, but just waits for me to come home. He thinks he is an Adminstocrat and that the other dogs are of a lesser class and if he could speak would do so with a very proper British accent. The class goes out the window with all of his gas. LOL

This was my Pudgey girl. We lost her a couple months ago to cancer. She was 12 and my first bulldog. She was the smartest dog I've ever been owned by. I bought her for my son and she always lived with me. Matt went to college and then joined the Navy but she never wanted to leave her castle to live with him. I bought her out of the paper and she must have had boxer in her but we never cared, she was a beautiful bully girl. I miss her everyday but her spirit will forever live in my heart.

This is Boo-Boo, he thinks he is a bulldog. He is going on 13 and is the diplomat at our house. He welcomes every dog that comes through the door, plays with all the puppies and is Pauley's best buddy. He was a rescue and I've had him for 9 years. I hope I have him for a long time.

Thanks for letting me share!

Ohhhh, you have such BEAUTIFUL Senior's

they live the GOOD life that's for sure!

HI JO!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!! We've been MIA!!!! So, so, so Sorry about Pudgey!!! I didn't know Preston is doing Gr8!! Well his test results are NOT good but his Spirit & Personality remains the same!!! He's sees Dr. Esposito frequently!!! He's had both eyes stitched b/c the eyelids were flopped on his eyeball and he had an ulcer on each eye We've to go back Thurs. b/c the stitches are temporary & 2 fell out We're Finally leaving my mom's and moving, this wkd, to a 1 bedroom in West Orange!! Cannot wait!!!!! We need outta here...lol Stay in touch...would love to get 2gether soon!!!! xo Amanda xo Preston xo Bailey xo Oh, Monty's doing Gr8 with Jay!!! We still talk...Monty's the King of the Castle lol Miss You So Much

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aw....you have some great looking fur kids!

I love that pic of Pauley and his teefies!

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I love rescue stories!

Great pictures and awesome stories behind them. Thank you for sharing!

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Thnaks Joanne for sharing them with us, I missed not seing them

i was hoping you'd catch up. Also, thanks for sharing their stor, so nice to hear about thier character. Very beautiful babies and very loved

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Awwww...now those are some sweet seniors.

Something about a senior just melts your heart.

You call him a dog...I call him my heartbeat!

What sweet seniors! Loved the pictures and.....

loved their touching stories..........brought tears to my eyes! Sorry for your loss of Pudgy, and just love Pauley. He didn't want anyone else, but YOU! Wonderful threesome.

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They are all so sweet!

Lucky you to have them and I hope they live a lot longer!!
So sorry to hear about Pudgey...what a cutie...as she was lucky to have you!!

I do so love the Seniors

Always a special place in my heart for the old guys. Great pics

Lynn King CPDT

You've got some sweet looking seniors

Thanks for sharing the pics & their touching stories.



Thanks for sharing Love the seniors! They are very special

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Sweet Seniors!


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Awww what sweeties!!!!!! love the pics


Sweet Babies!

Aw Joanne.....

What sweet seniors.... you are the best, you know that?

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very sweet

good descriptions. I feel like I know them. I was laughing when you said all the class goes out the window with his gas.

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