Here's my snow picture...

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Here's my snow picture...

such as it is. We had a smattering in Adminzona this past weekend. Unfortunatly, there are no bullies in this picture because they wouldn't go outside, they preferred to stay inside where it was warm lol.

Kathy, Ollie and Chester

Deborah and the NC gang's picture

too funny...can't blame them!!!!

That tennis ball is so lonely in the snow without any

bullys to play with it! Man, now that is a lot of snow, no wonder those bullys stayed in the house warm and dry LOL!!


I didn't even think...

It snowed in Phoenix! Judy must have been in town? LOL

created by ME!


too funny. For all we know, that may be alot of snow for Phoenix?

poor frozen tennis ball out there all alone with no bullie to play with it.

Sue (videos)

White out!

I don't blame the dogs one bit - a bullie could get lost in that stuff! LOL

created by ME!

LOL, poor, lonely tennis ball....

That's too funny!

Céline and Angel Stella's picture

Oh no!

There should be sad music playing in the background, with the camera panning from the ball to the bullies inside! Ha, ha!

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That poor lonely ball

is calling for someone to come play! Onslow would never pass up "ball" time! Too funny about your guys!



at least you have snow. thats more than i have.

(created by "julie in vegas")

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