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Help With Loose Stools

My Clubber, who is just over a year and a half now, has always suffered from loose stools. He frequently has to have his anal glands expressed by the vet and takes to scooting on the ground a lot. We've tried multiple food changes (to ones with a bit more fiber) to no avail. I read on this board a while back that you can add Metamucil to their food - is that true? If so, how much should I add and how often? Clubber weighs almost 60 pounds. Does it matter which flavor metamucil? Would wheat germ also work? Any other ideas?

I agree with the yogurt idea..

when my puppies had loose stools i used yogurt also and it does work i keep on hand even now for just in case. try the yogurt[plain is best] before you try any type of fiber product.


I use the plain (no flavor) and just mix it in a small amount of wet(canned)food and put on top of the kibble.
1 tablespoon a day should do it.

I use yogurt

When Daisy has loose stools we give her the plain vanilla yogurt to add the good bacteria back into her system. It works and she loves it. You just have to be sure to get the kind that has the acidillophis (sp??) in it.

Kim & Daisy

my solution

My Maggie has problems (spina bifita, allergies, possibly IBD) and a chronic loose stool and diarreah. My best solution was adding some pumpkin to her food. She doesn't particularly like it and won't eat it on her own. I spoon feed her about 2 tablespoons or so each time she eats. Makes a world of difference for us. I have tried the metamucil and fiber cereal and didn't get the same results. If you want to try the metamucil - get the unflavored old fashioned kind.


About Fiber

I thought the same thing at first, until I did some research. Fiber basically adds "bulk" to the matter passing through the colon. The added bulk means more time overall for the matter to pass through the intestines, etc. Since it takes longer, more water is absorbed before the final "destination".


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Isn't fiber a laxative??

I would think extra fiber or Metamucil would do just the opposite of what you're trying to achieve here - they're mild laxatives. Yogurt with active cultures may be helpful, although the dairy can also cause loose stools. I have heard of using a tsp of canned pumpkin with each meal, or you might try FastTrack, which is a microbial supplement that helps balance out the digestive tract. One of the best prices I've seen on it is through


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