Heather Hale sold a Bulldog for more than what the Mel's paid.

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Sue, this is Marcel

The message was posted because if you put my name in the search engine, you'll see that there are people that think I should be put in jail, actual jail time for selling a dog delivered for $2800 to Jacksonville FL from CA.

I had late papers to these people and it's grown into two lawsuits for a total of $10K.

You probably know of the problems AKC had with papers recently and you also know that one can't forge one's name just to make things happen with papers.
I've been called a fraud, liar and more just because I'd tell these people the papers were delayed by AKc and it's guidelines.

We acted in total compliance with AKC guidelines but I am being persecuted and slandered by these two buyers, Carol Mel and Heather Hale.

They have their papers now and the pups they can register. Yes, they bred them before they had papers
and then cranked up the heat on me.

Sorry I had to run into you this way. I just can't stand by while I get kicked.

See ya in August I believe. We'll be vacationing in Rhode Island at that time.


I don't have a problem with those prices IF

the puppies can reach the age of 2 without needing a palate section.

Nobody should be expected to pay those prices for pet quality.

Price of a bulldog

Hi Marcel,
I have no idea what this post is about but I wanted to add that a friend of mine had 2 litters sired by "Barney" CH Tango's Rock My World about 2 years ago when he was on top. She got $2,500 each for her pups.

Your price seems right in line with the prices being charged now in New England.

Take care & hope all is well with you.


Want to see what they've said, check my name out on the search e

It's sick with what they've done. I've stood by and let it happen. Now we bite back. You can only kick a dog so many times.
I've experienced some real loses because of this and I'm assessing these right now. California has law that prohibit this type of behavior.
EWer'll see. Thanks for the kind words.

Marcel DK Bulldogs

judykids's picture

I don't see what their problem was

The price isn't all that high and they didn't have to buy it at any price their choice.. I think that your price is comparable with others I've seen higher.

Papers from AKC can take time. They do that on AKC time not any of ours.

The breeding again was done by them not you so they knew about the papers before the breeding. Their choice.

Sorry you are having problems. Best of luck on the lawsuits. You would think they had better things to do oh well.

You shouild hear the phone threatening phone call y wife receive


My wife Karin actually reveived a message on our answering machine threatening her with words like," I'll hunt you down no matter what, I'll get you."

Karin was not even a part of these two sales yet they are including her in these charades.

Call was very bad and we had the police listen in. They agreed.

The papers these people have.
The threatening call bothers my wife to this day.


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