Have you ever seen a Bullmation? ((PICS))

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Have you ever seen a Bullmation? ((PICS))

JUST KIDDING!!!! (sort of)..............

Bella chasing the sprinkler

I think she lost the sprinkler fight - LOL She was soaking wet, but she had alot of fun.

I have video of this, but jusspress isn't working for me, so as soon as it does I will post it.

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We always knew they were there, but

When we bathe her we would chuckle cause she looked like a Dalmation, it definitely is more noticable since she blew her coat (and of course because she was wet as well). My niece calls her Pongo dog (101 Dalmatians)

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Helen looked like that...

after she had her puppies. She had a lot of new spots. I thought it may have been from sitting in the sun with thin hair, unless the spots were there and I didn't see them because her hair was thicker.

Michelle, Helen and Penny

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Water Zoomies

It all started when we tried to water the flowers. My dughter was watering them and eveything was fine, however after about 5 min. Bella started to get very silly my daugther was holding the hose sprayer in one spot & Bella quickly got the zoomis & started running all over the place. Then she ran toward the water and started to bite at it, so my daughter moved the sprayer away from Bella, but Bella again zoomed all over the yard & it became a game of chase the hose. In the end Bella was soaked (so was my daughter) they had a great time.

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Beautiful Bullmation there Lori LOL!

I love her little spots!
Looks like a she loves the sprinkler!

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Excuse my sp error "Bullmatian"


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