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Getting to know you!


What is your name? Angela

Where do you live? Tupelo, MS

Where were you born? Landsthul, West Germany

Where did you grow up? Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Adminzona, Bangkok Thailand, Mississippi (my dad was career Army) we moved alot!

How old are you? 46

How tall are you? 5'6"

Will you post a pic of yourself? sure

Is that your real hair color??? yep

If not, what is your natural hair color? Color is real with some help

What is your heritage? Dad's side German/Irish, mom's England

Are you Irish? yes, a little on dad's side

Aside from Bulldogs, what else interests you? reading, painting, photograph, writing, Astronomy, Dogs

Do you collect anything? Cameras, Bulldog items, Telescopes

What is your passion? animals

What kind of vehicle do you drive? Jeep Commander

What about your sig other? Nissan

Tell us about your sig other- (looks, personality, etc?) Really a wonderful man, loves dogs and great with people too

How long have you and sig other been together/ married? 8 yrs

Do you have kids? no...I love being an aunt

How old are they?

Tell us about them-

What do you do for a living? Clinical Data Analyst, Artist

Do you like what you do? yes

Would you consider yourself to be a clean freak, organized piles or "walk through the clutter pathways" kind of person? Clean with a side of clutter

Are your baseboards clean? (Seriously, go look) most

What colors are the rooms in your house painted? Beige, green, blue

Do you have any favorite artwork or items hanging on the walls? What is it? (pics please!) Yes...I paint my own wall art!

Are you frugal? Tell us about it- Nope!

What items are you brand loyal to? What ever fits at the moment. I have lost about 70 pounds last year and still losing! Not much more to go though!

What is your favorite ice cream? Butter Pecan

Favorite comfort food? Spagetti with lots of meat

A food you detest? sushi

Tell us about something you have done that is truly selfless....
Give alot of art away to chariltys.

Thoughts on Brussels sprouts? YUCK

Do you smoke? What brand? no way

Do you drink? What? Sometimes, wine with dinner, beer by the pool, etc

Have you ever visited New Orleans? yes

What did you think of it? Nice place to visit

Do you find it creepy that the graves are above ground? no, I find cemeteries fascinating

Do you believe in ghosts? yes

Ever had an encounter? yes

What do you think about Voo Doo? (Going back to the New Orleans theme) not a good thing to get invovled in

Do you like football? sometimes

What is your favorite team? MS State Bulldogs

Were you totally stoked when Ole Miss beat LSU 31 to 13????? Yep even though they are our rivals

Were you as shocked as I was when Ole Miss beat Texas Tech? nope

Aside from being owned by bulldogs, who are you? Tell us something we don't know! I have written a book..Looking for a cheap but good publisher

Take us through typical Saturday:
Get up early, take PollyAnna visiting at the Nursing Home, clean house, paint, read, nap, go out to dinner..

What did you do yesterday? Was it a typical Saturday? Took Delilah to the vet for more blood tests, at lunch at Hardee's, finished painting a Rottweiler for a friend, bought a Flip camcorder (love it), posted videos of the puppies...

Do you throw up when someone next to you vomits? (I only ask because of what is going through my house) ick, no

What did you have for dinner last night? Baked cheese rigatoni

And to keep it bulldog related.....

Post THE ONE pic (out of all the thousands we've taken) of a bully that you cherish more then any other! Tell us why that one pic is so special to your heart.
I love the following picture, and I am using it as the front of my new book as the cover photo
[linked image]

Angela,PollyAnna,Penny, Delilah, and Hank!
[linked image]
Visit my Etsy store and help therapy dogs!
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Angela and PollyAnna's picture


I had the Lap Band surgery last year. It saved my life happy.gif

Angela,PollyAnna,Penny, Delilah, and Hank!
[linked image]
Visit my Etsy store and help therapy dogs!
[linked image]


70 pounds is awesome, good for you. thats what i need to work on. happy.gif


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