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Funny Story

Every morning we have a ritual at our house, my husband, myself and my two kids along with Teela pile into our van and drive to Tim Hortons (for you non-canadians it's a coffee shop happy.gif

We get our morning coffee and then proceed to drop the kids off at school. Every morning Teela hangs out the window at the Tim Hortons drive through where all the staff greet her, give her treats and lots of love, the staff all know us by name (I can't function without my Tim's coffee:)

Recently (past month or so) there has been an elderly couple who sit at the same table having coffee and watch Teela go through the drive through, the lady has been coming outside each morning just to greet Teela too. This morning she told us she and her husband were on thier way to Adminzona for the winter and wanted to give Teela her "Christmas Present" because they won't see her for so long!!! Keep in mind these are COMPLETE strangers!!! lol How nice was that? They gave her a little gift wrapped bag of doggie treats!!

Only a bulldog can get that much attention I'm sure happy.gif


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Awesome story! Bulldogs just grab peoples hearts.


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My handsome Malcolm, gone but not forgotten!

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Awwww what a nice

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Obviously...Teela is not just another pretty face!!!

That is such a heartwarming story! thanks for sharing...and...I live in B. C.

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Andrea, Ruby, Lola and Jigger

That is so incredibly sweet. Bulldogs...

inspire so much love. I'm sure she brings so much joy to them, when they get to see her so often.

Bulldogs have a special power over people

It's called love.

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