*** Da SiTTiNgBuLL RiDeS AGaiN! *** (Photos as requestted)

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*** Da SiTTiNgBuLL RiDeS AGaiN! *** (Photos as requestted)

Years ago (nearly a score by my books) an heroic CowBull rode the range, bringing immense mirth and merry mayhem to all who dared to cross paths with her. She was known as "The Sitting Bull", and no Crabby Curmugeon stood a chance while she was in town!


But alas! The years passed and The Sitting Bull rocked on to greener pastures beyond the Rainbow Bridge. Sadly, "Ol' SLiVeR" sat a'pinin' with the Dust Bunnies, in a lonely corner by himself.


TaKE HEaRT!!!--Those who seek solace from their sad and sour circumstances!!! A new bully buckeroo has Adminsen to fill the saddle of Ol' SLiVer once again!


...The SiTTiNgBuLL has RETURNED!

HoW-DeE PaRdNeR!


Circle the wagons, EveryBully!...There's trouble a'brewin'!


Stand back!...I speak HeAp BiG InJuN!...HoOwWW!!!


Yup...Big Chief RunninRampage now Chief RoLLoNDaFLoOR. The west is once again safe to smile in, as our hero rides off into the sunset...

Hi-HO, SLiVeR....AWaYyyYY!!!


NOTE: Photos property of SittingBullies.com All rights reserved.

Andrea Ruby Lola and Jigger's picture

OMG, Cheryl, you are too much!

those just made my night... I never knew your girl but what a beauty she was too.

thank you for the fun and laughter!

I love your running commentaries!!!

Andrea and Ruby

Carverbulls's picture

You guys and gals are soooo AWESOME!

It is wonderful to see such smart and well trained bullies!

Jacinda and the bullies's picture

That is just too cute!

Gabe makes a great cowbullie!

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EEEEEE-HAAAAAAA giddy up little doggie

LOL LOL I'm so HAPPY to see Silver has acompanion to rule the West once again!!!!

Cheryl and The SittingBullies Gang's picture

Yep, we're designing that...

but don't know that he'll have the same "technique" as Rosie anyway--she just naturally straddled it! (and I didn't want to damage his merchandise by forcing the issue with him! )

That just cracked me up!

Way too funny!

Cheryl and The SittingBullies Gang's picture


we may make some "stirrups" for him to place his feet on, so he doesn't have to fully rest on the seat

OtiesMom's picture

Rosie would be proud....

Rosie really knew how to straddle that horse. Perhaps it's just not as comfy between the legs for Gabe, IF ya know what I mean? lol Dad needs to get in that workshop and make a horsie that's friendlier on the "twigs n' berries"!

Is it going to have a cut out area for the... uh...

manly parts?

Cheryl and The SittingBullies Gang's picture

Except that it's NOT Chubbs...

it's Gabe!

too cute!

Love these pictures. Made my day!

Cheryl and The SittingBullies Gang's picture


real men CAN wear pink! Actually, it was Rosie's original bandana (used to be more of a hot pink, but it's faded) I just used what I had around for this spur-of-the-moment shoot ...we'll try to do better next time (when Gabe gets his new horsie!)

Watch it Rotti!!

Gonna find it hard to post FROM THE MOON! BANG...ZOOM!!

Chubbs is way to cute

Love your pictures Cheryl, hope Chubbs wins,

Julia's picture

Yes, yes, of course I meant Rosie!!! =)

Um... the brain turns off on the weekends? Hee hee...

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I am rollin' here!

LMBO! Yay! Go Gabe!!
Cheryl... pink?? Have you been talking to Chuck?? Get that hunka bullie boy a manly kerchief! LOL

created by ME!

Cheryl and The SittingBullies Gang's picture

You mean ROSIE...

she was my first bully and namesake for The SittingBullies Thanks Julia! Yes, Gabe was a bit flustered during the photo shoot as the steps are uneven and the horse would tip a bit back and forth...but he hung in there with typical bully fortitude and did it!

Bernata and Angels Lily and Chester's picture

OMG, Cheryl...this is too cute...

what an angel, you are killing me!!!!

Julia's picture

I don't know how you do it...

It's amazing to me you got him to SIT on it. Let alone put his paws up. Let alone rock it. Let along WAVE!!!!

I'm so glad the horsie has been resurrected. Gracie would be pleased.

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Cheryl and The SittingBullies Gang's picture

Well, gotta get going on that project!

...soon, SOON...I hope!

ur babies are so talented!

i love them!

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AmyandSophia's picture

Yippee Kiyaa Little Cowboy!!

What a wonderful Buckeroo he makes! O my, I am in love with young Gabester!

Amy and Sophia

Cody1970's picture

Thank you for posting that Cheryl...I needed that smile!

Your photos and stories are the best! When or where can we buy that book?

Yes, I do love my dogs as much as you love your children!


Tammy-Bailey-Ellie's picture

OMG Cheryl, too cute!!


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