Cost of english bulldogs pups without papers?

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Cost of english bulldogs pups without papers?

Can anyone tell me what english bulldog pups sell for if they dont have papers?

no papers

My suspicious mind would run to, are these dogs/pups stolen and that is why there are no papers?
Possibly neither parent was registered, or only one was AKC?
Maybe the pups aren't purebred?
Maybe the dog or bitches' owner ran afoul of AKC and had their registration privledges suspended?
Lots of possibilites. AKC does not allow a breeder to charge one price for pups w/o papers and another for ones with papers - in effect this would be charging for the registration papers, and that is a big NO NO.

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but if you are paying 2500.00 for a puppy

the only real way to be sure its a real bulldog is papers, otherwise you might be getting a mixed breed bulldog being passes off as the real thing.

Papers dont make it a better dog or a worse dog. when i buy a car, i want the papers too.


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I agree with Vicky...

Pet dogs are sold on non breeding contracts. The only way to prevent breeding is to withold papers. Many of these non papered bulldogs have been bred without the permission of the orginal breeder.

If a non papered dog is what a person wants there are many homeless neutered and spayed dogs that need homes.

I think this party purchased a puppy expecting papers...

and then was told there would be no papers, or the papers were "recalled" by AKC, probably for breeder-irregularity, and the pup owner is trying to assess the reduced value of the pup she now has.

I would also recommend purchasing a pup with papers, but it seems that this discussion started out on a different thread.

Agree Cindy.


Re: In my opinion...

Amen sister!

In my opinion...

Unless the dog has the potential to be a show dog, PERSONALLY!!, I dont think papers mean squat.

Papers are just that a piece of paper. Pedigree is for those that are into the breed to better it thru selective breeding and are trying to better the breed. What do you need papers for if the dog is not going to be bred and is spayed or neutered?

If you have a purebred bulldog w/o papers and you want to show it at an AKC show in anything but conformation you can apply for an ILP, Indefinate Listing Priviledge from AKC.

Thats why I PERSONALLY, hate limited registration.

A person can still have an awesome dog without papers.

Please dont shoot me


why would you buy with out paper

many times it's because the dog was sold for non breeding.

I would not buy a dog w/o papers.

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