color disqualifications??? liver nose-liver color

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color disqualifications??? liver nose-liver color

just curious, Does the liver color come up in the modern akc bulldog. and if so what happens to the pups that are liver in color?? are they culled? i hope not!!
i would like to here from breeders who have had this pop up in there lines and what is done with those pups?
i would be interested in adopting one of these dogs.



I was just using me as a hypothetical example... I don't sell pups via advertising of ANY form.

I was just suggesting that if a RESPONSIBLE breeder were to get a dudley nose, she would treat it as any pup she wasn't going to keep to Show.

Why are you interested in finding a dudley nosed pup?

Jerry Sheldon



thanks for the reply. most certainly. if you where to have a dudley pup, I would have no problems as far a money. my main concern is health. I am not looking for a reduced price pup just a dudley.




I'm afraid I can offer no suggestion. No breeder is going to breed with the expectation that a pup will become a dudley, nor will it will be apparent at birth - as I understand it.

So you're left with the situation that dudleys will appear unexpectedly and they will be homed as any other pup.

I mean no disrespect and you did not mention price - but just for clarity, however, were I to have a pup with a dudley nose in a litter I would treat it EXACTLY the same as any other healthy pup that I did not intend to keep for Show purposes. It would be placed on an AKC Limited Registration with encouragement to neuter/spay.

Additionally, I would not breed my bitch again.

Don, I certainly will keep my ear to the ground and if I hear of such a pup I'll post here for you to contact me.

Jerry Sheldon


yes i know that the proper term is dudley. I just posted a " liver" because it might be better pictured those who do not know.
thanks. do you know how i could get a dudley??

Not Euthanized


I've not had it happen to any of mine, and I must confess I've never seen a true dudley nose. I have never heard of anyone even hint at "culling" or euthanizing a dog that had a dudley nose.

If you use the word "cull" to mean cull or remove FROM A BREEDING PROGRAM, I would think were a dudley to appear it should be removed from a breeding program.

Clearly quality of life is not affected by nose color.

Jerry Sheldon

Dudley NOT Same as Red


We're not talking about RED nosed dogs.. or, I guess I should say I was not and I don't believe Sue was.

There is a Red Nosed line or sub-line withing the Pit Bull world if I am not mistaken... a Google search would tell you.

Again, we were talking about Dudley noses on (English) Bulldogs.

Don, If it is I that is confused, I apologize in advance.

Jerry Sheldon

red nosed pups

Can you tell me where they are?? and how often does it happen? i would love to own one. i dont plan on breeding AKC bulls but that look a red nosed bulldog is what i would like is there a message board other than this one that you could direct me to to find one of these red nosed bulldogs??


e mail response if you like...


Red nosed pups

I know of 2 dudley nosed puppies that were born in the same litter earlier this year. Beautiful pups, champion sired. Nice pedigree.

These pups were placed in pet homes with limited registrations.

The breeding will not be repeated. Obviously not a good mix.

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