Bully nicknames....

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Bully nicknames....

Just curious as to what little nicknames you guys give your bullies....

Cammy is Camapuddy - or puddy.

Maggie is bubs, bubbie, captain stinkapuddy, stinky, and booboo.

We shall overcome!

so funny

All these nicknames are so great. Its amazing they even know who they are!

Lets see, Frado is - Bully Bonkers, Chubs, Sloopy, Fat boy, chubby,

And our Lucy, is Minnie pearl, pretty girl, Lucy bean,

thank you...

It was so... funny, last night after I posted, there were so... many more names that came up that i always call him. I call myself to him when I say to him when I come home "Hello Monster Masher Grave Yard Smasher, are you happy to see your momma bear" I know, corny, but it all got started around Halloween time and the song monster mash came on and it stuck w/ us ever since. Thanks...


Monster Masher Graveyard Smasher

I Love that nickname!!!!!!!!

Nigel's nicknames..

Niggie..Niggie Pickle..Pickle..Niggle..Niggle Giggle..Tookie...Snookie...Porky....and he answers to all of them..what a smart baby!!! rofl!!!

Nicknames for Otis

My first and foremost I always call him Baby O, Poochie Pochy, meat of the head, Mr. Wiggler, stinky, chubs, Oat, Otis Spunkamotis, Cubba Oat, Cubba Otis, Spotty boy, Scaredy, Big Bully, Monster Masher Graveyard Smasher, and the list goes on. Some days nicknames just hit me out of the blue and stick...


Boy that is hard, I hardly ever call her Lily. Sugarbut, booboos, freckles, doodybutt. What is with the butt. Oh yeh they are so cute.

Gretta's Nicknames

This is a great thread
Gretta a.k.a. Grett, Bully, Bullie-O-Le-O, Bullilicious, Puppalicious, Grettalicious, Bolly-O-Le-O, Poliolio,..I think there are more..these are the ones that come to mind..and of course when she was in the puppy stage of biting everything..Jaws, and Jaws of steel, and Shark

Tooo many

Winston - Lord dubya, cutie patootey, little head, little dog, baby boy, sniggle fritz, crazy bast*&d, the cutey

Oliver - Ollie monaster, old man, the big "o", o-dog, poochy face boy, vigorous licker, slobber puss, wild man, the beauty, poochy faced dog boy.

I could go on, and there's a new one born almost everyday!!

Tucker's Nicknames

I call Tucker:

Mr. Tucker
Little Man
Golden Bear
Grisebasse (little piggy in danish)
Skat (treasure)

He responds to Tucker (if he feels like it).

Isn't it funny

Isn't it funny how our hubbies come up with "not so nice" names for our dogs. But yet they say they are the best dogs they ever had!!! Mine says that all the time! I just can't figure him out.

Kim & Daisy

what is it with those husbands!

I've read a few posts here (mine included), where our DH's are not as complimentary with the bully nick-names! My DH loves Spike, says he's the best dog he ever had and if anything ever happens to him, he's getting another bulldog and naming him Spike II, but I'll tell ya, the nick-names he comes up with for the poor pooch.......

Re: Bully nicknames....

Buddy , Nutty Buddy, Sweetie, Handsome Guy

Daisy's Nicknames

Let me see ---
Daisy Mae, Daisy Lou, Daisy Duke, and when she is being mischievious I call her Little Miss!

My husband for some reason like to refer to her as Dumb A** I think that is just to get me all riled up though!!!

Kim & Daisy

Dante's Nicknames

um lots!

Dante Tante
Big nose
Sweet Boy

or anything that comes to mind! Believe it or not he still pays the most attention to Dante! Don't know how he even remembers!

re: bully nicknames

My husband calls Spike~~ Fat Bastard (like from Austin Powers). I call him Spikey or Sweetie, because he's so sweet. He can't hear us very well anyway, so it doesn't really matter what he's called

Julia's picture

Bozadoodle and Smoodle would get along well! =) n/m

Maggie's nicknames...

Gosh, we call her so many things depending on what she's doing at the moment... The Magster, Muggy, Little Maggie Mayfield, Little Buddy, Bubby, Stink Pot... I'm sure they are more though...


Boz..Bozzy....Boz-a-doodle...Boz-a-doodler...Bozer...Bubba...Buddy...Butterpants...Bozel...Sexy...and most often, Sir.


Bluto's nicknames

He's know as Bluto but sometimes Bluter and still depending on how little thought he sometimes puts in his actions he can be known as jack*ss.

For instance once when he got the "zoomies" he decided to jump over the back of the couch. No big deal except the couch was angled and leaned up against the corner so he got stuck between the couch and wall. We had to move the couch to get him out of there. That is also an example of what we call "Blutering" getting in to stuff and causing havoc.

He is the best and most fun pup I've ever had.

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Sumo Akebono has tons of them but these are the ones we use the most:

Sum, Sum-Sum, Ake, Akebono, love bug, fat boy, handsome, mini daddy, bo, boo boo face, wiggle butt.

I could call him dumb a** and he would come running too

My nephew's nickname poem/rap song for Clovis

For my first bulldog, Clovis I, my nephew made up this little bulldog rap song as a nickname: "Clovis is a big butt dog, she looks like a big fat hog." If only he could have come up with a second or third verse! Hearing that first one over and over sometimes started to drive me nuts, tho Clovis seemed to like it.

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Grover's nicknames!

Ya ready?



Puppernut Squash

Draggy Dogfoot

The Grover
and Grovie.

Hardly EVER called "Grover."



Butch said I forgot to say that he calls Cammy "little sh*t."


Re: Bully nicknames....

I call Bulldozer
Dozer, Fatboy, stinkybutt, Fats, wigglebutt. Whatever comes to mind at the time. Oh he gets called Goofy alot too. By the way great Idea web.

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Big butt

bubble butt real name Josie or Joser

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