Bully inhales food

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Bully inhales food

Good evening! I think part of Tuffy's digestion issues Adminse from the fact that he devours a cup of his kibble in like less than 1 minute. I literally put his dinner down and went to fill up his water bowl and he was already finished! He doesn't even seem to chew his food...he swallows it whole. Part of the problem is that his current Fromms Salmon a la vegetable kibble is very small. And it's not as if I'm starving him all day. He gets three cups spread out into three meals. Is this rapidfire eating a common issue with bulldogs? And any suggestions for getting him to eat slower...?


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Betty uses a Brake Fast bowl - Bloat is a concern - *video*

She would wolf her food in about 15 seconds. Raven too. And since Raven had bloat once, and I've known people that have lost their beloved dogs before they could get to the ER, I take it very seriously.

They both had this Brake Fast bowls. Google it and shop online, I got mine for only $15. It takes her a full 2 minutes to eat now. happy.gif
Here's a video of her:



"Little Miss Betty Cuteface"
Toofie on the left, eyeball on the right.
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Raven (prior to tripawd surgery) and Betty
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I use a slow feeder bowl. It's helped quite a bit

I think it's called a break-fast bowl.


Farley did too. I tried a slow feeder bowl he still did

even around those curves. So now I feed him on a cookie sheet and spread his food out. It takes him longer to eat and he does not choke or spit up food any more.

Both Bella and Gus are slow eaters..

Gus does not really chew his food but he is really slow to eat.
Bella is a very very slow eater..she chews each piece
we feel that is why it is so hard to get the meds into her..
she sniffs her food first before she eats anything
including her own dogfood..lol

I hand fed my dogs as puppies.....as special treats here and there..
and that seemed to help to get them to slow down
you could try to hand feed Tuffy on occasion..and see if that helps
do not do it often ...but once in awhile try it
good bonding experience too as well...

if he isn't choking, I wouldn't worry..

Junior started choking and doing reverse sneezing after he ate. We now soak his kibble in a little water and let it sit for about 20 mins and he's fine.

Roxy gobbles, but she doesn't choke, so I don't worry about it.

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Well, it would help if my fingers typed as fast as my

brain is thinking. LOL
Yes, it's a 1/2 cup of water.

Hurley 2-1-08
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lily inhales her food

so I feed her in a 12 inch bowl , and I always moisten her food, it has slowed down quite abit

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Thanks for the links, Sue!

This is great. How did we live before Amazon existed?!

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Good suggestion! Do you mean half a cup of water?

I'll try anything at this point! Thanks....

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I used to put rubber toys on top of Toby's food

He would have to eat around them and it really slowed him down. He has really slowed down a lot in the last year or so, so I don't do it anymore.


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slow feeder bowl

I just got one cuz Bear inhales his food w/o chewing and kibble sometimes gets stuck in his throat.

I use a raised feeder and needed a bowl small enough to fit in the feeder. Here are a few links to some.



Both links are just one - you can google them both to find the different sizes and best prices.


All photos are my property and cannot be used without permission !!



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Hurley inhales also but we found a trick that works

for us. We add about a 1/2 water in the bowl with her food and it has slowed her down quite a bit from when we first noticed that she was inhaling it.

Hurley 2-1-08
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Georgia inhales too...

She scooped a french fry off the floor one time and later threw it up and it was still whole..lol She does that with her food sometimes too.

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You're welcome :) Hubby can actually hold on to his leg or

aggrivate Mozie and won't even realize it happy.gif They are funny, but I guess they do get nutrition out of the food when it breaks down in the tum tum. happy.gif

Schubert Angel
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Digestion aside, it is pretty comical watching him eat!

And thanks for sharing your story.... I had a feeling that Tuffy is not alone in this inhaling thing!

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I am wondering too, how many bullies do not chew, but swallow

instead. Mozie is that way. Ollie tends to do some chewing, though she does inhale a lot too. happy.gif
Tuffy is one beautiful baby!

Schubert Angel
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