BUlldogs and Cherry Eye

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BUlldogs and Cherry Eye

Our little guy has had one gland on his lower eyelid flare up a few times, all to be gone the next morning. Then a week ago the same thing happend and it hasnt gone down. Off to the Vet we go, and now they are saying that need to see the Obstitrician? Now they say that he needs to have a surgury to have it "tacked down". Anyone else gone through this? They claim its very common, and is not a big surgury, but for a 5 month old its scary for us!

Bad experience for us BUT

Our Avalanche had it done..OK here you go for Central Oregon. = We HAD to go to a specialist according to the vet we had at that time..
350.00 per eye..OH and one eye had no issues BUT he insisted that we should have them both done..This was the first week we had Avalanche.
8 months later then the eyelids started to roll - different issue but eyelashes on the eye ouch..
So had a $2,000.00 eye lift.
After that it was constant down hill..Eye drops daily and I mean every hour or so..Gel at night.
Constant infections.
Oh I might add that the Doctor retired right after the surgery without letting us know and without any referral to another doctor.
It was a botched surgery no doubt..
My poor Avalanche suffered no doubt because of my poor decisions. He was nearly blind before his death last year.

What I learned...
Never trust one person..Get second opinions and ASK ALL QUESTIONS you have..
We now have a wonderful Vet that I fully trust. Luckily we have not had any serious issues but when and if we ever do again I will most likely seek at least two opinions before making another surgery decision.

Sorry so long but I'm still sick over what I did to my Avalanche

It's very common and...

my vet prefers to snip out the gland, rather then tack it down. 50% of the time the tacked down gland pops out again.

My vet uses a local anesthetic to do the snip. The dog is NOT put to sleep. It takes about 20 minutes & my vet charges about $130.


Oh, I've never heard of tacking.....

thats great that theres an alternative.

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Nope-no drops at all.--

Sometimes when the duct is removed, they can get "dry eye"-that's why I opted with the tacking.

Now that they've had surgery....

do you have to use daily eye drops to keep their eyes moist??

My late cocker spaniel had cherry eye surgery and had to be on eye drops every single day from there on in.

Just curious in case I have to go down this road with Brody....thanks!

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2 of my 3 bullies had cherry eye surgery.--

They were both about the age of your bullie when they had it done, & they did just fine. One of my bullies had to have it done twice because it popped back out. They all were "tacked".

Re: BUlldogs and Cherry Eye

There is lots of helpful information on Bulldog World home page under the health catagory. You have more than one surgical option. You can have the gland 'tacked down' or removed. Please review all options before making your choice. Be sure to see a bulldog vet or an opthimologist.

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cherry eye

my little girl has had it done twice, first time by a regular vet, only to have it pop again, and the second time we took her to a specialist, that was 4 months ago, it went very well, has not come back, it is very common in bulldogs, I know firsthand hoe frightening it is , kwwp us posted and let us know how it turns out.

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