A bulldog with blue eyes?

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A bulldog with blue eyes?

Is there such a thing? Most bulldogs I have seen have dark eyes. Is this common or considered a defect?

Have been to several breeders and saw one dog with blue eyes. Caught my attention but?????

Also, someone told me about a miniature bulldogs that grows to about 35 lbs and is comes with CKC papers.

Somebody help! I am so confused.

By the way, the puppy with blue eyes was $2200.
The mini was $2500. Different breeders.

Robert...we're glad you came her to ask....

Mini bulldogs are mutts. They are usually a combination of a bulldog with a boston terrier or a french bulldog or maybe even a pug. CKC...Continental Kennel Club is a farce. It's just a place to register mixed breed dogs. Stay away from them. You'd be paying big bucks for a mixed breed dog.

Bulldogs, sometimes, although rare, will have blue eyes. It is a fault but not disqualifying if the dog is being shown but it probably would never win. The standard states that a bulldog should have dark eyes...and they're not meaning dark blue.

A blue eyed bulldog would make a wonderful pet for someone who's looking for a bully as a companion & not for showing or breeding.

I'm in New England. An AKC registered bulldog pup in this area goes for $2,500 to $3,000.

Good luck,

Cheryl and The SittingBullies Gang's picture

Blue eyes are a fault...

they should have very dark eyes. "Miniature" is not true either. Bulldogs used to come in two size catagories--under 40# and over...you can still get bullies on the smaller size (aka 30-35#)--BUT--often these "miniature" bulldogs are nothing but MUTTS...crossed with pugs or frenchies to get a smaller size. Beware!

Re: A bulldog with blue eyes?

There is a man in Grand Rapids Mi selling Dudley bulldogs for 4,200 and telling people thay are real rare. Told the poor young guy that bought one yes they are as we as breeders try and not breed for Dudleys. This young man said he was going to use him for stud. I gave him the AKC standard and showed him were it is the only disq we have. By the way they are AKC reg too. Don't know if he ever took the dog back or not. I guess some people will say anything to sell a pup.

Yes, I agree with Sue...make sure you know

what is going on with that baby before you jump into it. On the up side, a good friend of mine has a deaf dog that is great!! He loves to run with my Shep mix when I take him to the barn with me in the mornings. Her dog just keeps right up and has a ball, and he is hand signal trained. My male Doberman is also hand signal trained because I have a hearing problem, and if I ever lose my hearing, he will already be trained for me..it's very easy to train them to hand signals...

Amy and Sophia

I remember Molly

She was a sweetie. I even remember the night you got her and brought her to the BCGS meeting. Our Maybull only tops out at 45 or 46 lbs. and the vet said she could stand to lose a couple of pounds. We think her proportions are about right. And she comes from good bloodlines. HOF grandfather and great grandfather. Both parents were champions and 3 littermates are champions. She just turned out on the small side.

Make sure the dog is not deaf

If you are serious about this dog, have YOUR vet test the dog for deafness before the sale is considered final. Deafness is more common in white dogs.

This, of course, is tough to do if the dog is being purchased from a distance.

It is always better to buy a dog you can meet in person, and from a breeder in your area, so you can get support and advice in the years to come as you raise your bulldog.

Robert...if the dog is pure white & blue eyed............IMPORTA

He could very possibly be deaf. Many are.

I have never had a deaf dog but they do make wonderful pets & can be hand signal trained.

If the dog is deaf the price should be lowered.


Re: Just want a pet....

Bulldogs come in solid white. This is not a fault and they are beautiful. Best of luck to you.

Thanks Anne, that says it all. Know I am an educated consumer!


These are some links:

Here's info from the home page about why bulldogs cost so much:

This one talks about coat color:

Hope this answers your questions.

Just want a pet....

But still charging $2000-$2500 No bargain!

Also the dog was pure white. Does that mean anything?

It sure is!

If you're looking for a pet and not a show dog, you may even be able to get a discount on a blue-eyed bullie.

Sherryl Onslow and Buttercup's picture

Blue eyes may be a fault, but

blue is beautiful

Sherryl, Onslow and Buttercup

Cheryl and The SittingBullies Gang's picture

Yep! Gracie's mom "Pollywog" was a little 38#er...

but she delivered and raised that litter of NINE! I would think with the earlier smaller classification of bullies that we could easily get ones that are 10 or more pounds below "standard" (and many are way OVER standard!)

Mini bulldogs, no such thing, but itty bitty bullies do exist

We actually had two itty bitty bulldogs, one of them was our Mollywog, when we got her she weighed 28 lbs and when she passed away she weighed 31 pounds, I am sure Vicky L remembers Molly and 2 yrs ago we got in another itty bitty bully. Her father was a CH and she weighs only 34 pounds and is owned by our friends Tucker/Cathy Hayes. Her name is Betsy. They both were/are purebreds, just itty bitty. People that advertise a mini bulldog are just trying to suck in the unsuspecting or newbie/first time bully owner.


I recently saw a blue-eyed bulldog and he was really

gorgeous. I would not hesitate to buy a blue eyed dog as a pet. Miniture bulldogs are mixed breed dogs and pricing them as a purebred is unethical.

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