Betty update **long with pix**

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Betty update **long with pix**

I just got home and she's back to being a warm, pink, zoomie wigglemonster when I walked in... Thank you all so much for the support, suggestions, and prayers!

We are rethinking the TIA's. Even though the vet spun blood immediately to test if she was bleeding out and it ruled it out, I keep thinking the symptoms fit. So, I spoke with him tonight and he agreed that if it was too soon (since I got there so fast), it may not have shown up. Lily had her spleen removed at 10 years old, just before I adopted her. She made a full recovery and lived 3 more healthy years. Betty is 10 years old.

I suggested that all these mammary tumors may have spread to her spleen. When I picked her up for the bath just before this happened, I slipped a bit on the wet floor and gave her a squeeze and she grunted as she gets very tense when I pick her up. This could have caused a small tear and bleed. The symptoms are shocklike (low temp, pale, and the body is trying to protect the core so that the extremities are shut off, hence the collapsed veins). This would also explain the normal/high blood pressure, yet couldn't tap a vein in her leg. My vet rethought this and agrees that it is possible. We decided not to give her the 2nd aspirin tonight (we want blood to coagulate).

Below is cut out of a link:

"Since we are concerning ourselves with the dog today, we will review the hemangioma and hemangiosarcoma. Both these tumors Adminse from the blood vessels of the red pulp and amount to a bunch of wildly proliferating abnormal blood vessels. Eventually the growth ruptures and the spleen bleeds. When a vascular organ like the spleen bleeds, a life-threatening blood loss can result.

Usually the patient is suddenly weak.

The patient may be obviously cold.

If one looks at the color of the gums, the patient will be pale in color

If the bleed stops on its own, the patient will be dramatically better the next day or even a few hours later.
Unfortunately, the splenic mass is certain to bleed again and if the spleen is not removed, eventually the patient will bleed to death."

The bloodwork will answer this hopefully in the morning. It will indicate if she had mini-strokes. If not, we'll ultrasound her spleen and go from there.

Right now, she's 100% again, nice and pink and cutey-patootey. Here are some pics:

Oh boy, car ride!

Why do you look so worried Mom?

With her fleece jacket on to try to get her temp up. Actually Mom's puppy's jacket, but fit Betty.

luvwinnie's picture

So glad to hear she is doing better.


Glad she is better.

And that you paid attention to the symptoms and took her in. Hugs to both of you.

Prayers for Betty......

that today gives answers (and not bad ones!).....

Dawn, that first pic of her in the car is just too cute for words! Give Betty a big smooch for me please.....

Another scary episode...

Very glad to hear she's doing so much better. Hope you guys can pinpoint the cause.
She's stylin'in that Fido fleece! LOL


MacknTeaBoneTillieMae's picture

yea betty!

glad you are getting better sweetie! keep it up!
hugs n kisses!

mack 'n' mack

herbulldog's picture

beautiful betty..........

so glad you're feeling better. hoping for good answers for you. kisses from me & the boys!

carrie & the boys

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