Average TEMPERATURE for a bulldog???????/

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Average TEMPERATURE for a bulldog???????/

I took Bubba's temp last night for the first time and it read 99.5 I thought a normal temp for bulldogs was a bit higher? Anyone know the answer? I know someone or lots of someones know!!! Thanks

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That's the range our vet gave us...

Ajax is usually at 102, but that's when we are at the vet's office, so he is probably a little nervous happy.gif. We still need to get a thermometer for home use.

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your ok.....

as long as its not going down....but if it was he would be cold to the touch and not moving....a temp of even 102.5 is ok...after 102.5...most consider this a low fever...my vet does not worry untill 103.2 or higher...when wilson had his pneumonia he never went over 103.8.... my vet feels most bulls run a little higher due to their breathing problems and thus them make themselves work a little higher in pumping blood ect....so dont fret...you have just started doing temps and so dont know what his normale is...
try doing one first thing in the am mid day then before bed...then you get an idea of what is normale and what is high....i do temps on a what ever time to keep an idea of what normale is
wilson runs a temp between 100.3 to 102.6
charlie runs noramle 99.8 to 102.4
the girsl are between 100.2 to 102.2
so as you see their all different....

Thank you for your reply......

Yes, you are right, it was my first time so I was a bit nervous and I just waited for the beep it didn't seem to take long to beep. Also, he was in an airconditioned apartment all day when I took it. Thank you for your advice, I appreciate it!

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Here's what I've been taught.

Normal canine is 100.5 to 102.5, with the lower temps being common for the larger and/or resting dog, and the higher ones for the smaller/nervous-type dogs. Remember that "normal" is based on averaging out thousands of studies.

Are you using a new rectal digital thermometer, and leaving it in place until it beeps, or 2 full minutes? What is the ambient temperature when you are measuring your dog...ie, is he in a warm room, lying on a cold floor, out in sunshine or inside snuggled in his dogbed? These could somewhat effect the reading...not a lot, but somewhat.

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Re: Average TEMPERATURE for a bulldog???????/

My kids are usually about 100.5-101.5. 99.5 is a little low, but not concerning. Sometimes the temp registers low if there are feces in the lower bowel.

Cathy Miller


aw thank you! I have been

trying to change my signature picture, and it turned out to be a huge pic of him!!! I need to fix that cuz I dont even ralize how big it is until after I post! Thank you for the compliment!

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don't know the answer to your question...but

i do know that bubba is just adorable! he definitely has a kissable face!

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