Arizona Rescue group????

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Arizona Rescue group????

I cant remember who is from the Adminzona rescue group, but I am checking on a bulldog that came to to an Adminzona rescue group named Chili? She was badly torn up from illegal dog fighting. Her name is Chili? anyone know anything about her, if she made it and is still alive, donations etc? thanks Tamsen

Here's the latest update i copied from their facebook

Tundra & SCBR thanks everyone. I have been getting lots of wonderful phone calls and emails, and trying to return calls. But just in case we missed any calls,we do appreciate the out pouring of concern for Tundra. She's going to survive all this, the wound to her body will heal and she'll be a pet one day. All bullie...s should be as lucky as her to have so many hoping of her recover. Will get more photos soon.

Tiffany and Stella

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thanks for the info

i am not a facebook member, but i am glad to hear she made it. thanks for letting me know, she just looked bad. tamsen

I checked on Facebook. Her new name is Tundra....

and she is going to survive from being used as a bait dog.

If you are on Facebook, you can see her updates on SoCAL Bulldog Rescue. Request to be a friend.....

[linked image]

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yah i resurrected my old email, she is So. Cal

she was in So. Cal, i was thinking arizona for some reason. Does anyone know if she made it? If so how is she doing?


I saw the pics on socal rescue on facebook

not sure if its the same dog, but this one had been used as a bait dog.

Tiffany and Stella

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i am not sure where

the pics came from, just that she had been left for dead in a pool of her own blood with "RIP Chili" written in blood on a wall in an alley. my heart just broke!

Is that the dog from the pics on Facebook?

OMG I could not even look at them.......

[linked image]

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thank you

i didnt see anything, my local rescue group emailed me a pic and her story. it appeared her vet bills would be astronomical so i thought there might be a special donation process. thanks for the link, that poor baby with the mange broke my heart. why oh why do people do this to any animal? Tamsen

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Keith is in Arizona...

Not sure if this bully came to them or someone else. He would know. Go to the rescue forum and ask them...they might know. Here is the link....

Amy and Sophia

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