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Arizona Rescue

Could someone e-mail on rescue in Adminzona? My brother may be looking to re-home his 5 year old spayed female bulldog. They are having serious problems with dogs not getting along. She's a sweetheart and great with people and kids, but just can't get along with another dog at their house. They have 2 bullies and another dog.

His heart is broken and they've tried everything to get it to work out but it's not.

He's not sure if giving her up is the right thing to do. Just in case, if you could e-mail me information on rescue in Adminzona, I would appreciate it.

I haven't been on the board for a long time now, although I do lurk when I get a chance.

They've removed my access from work. . .damn it. . .

Hope everyone is well and I miss chatting on here.

Anyway, my e-mail is [email protected]


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I emailed you.

Kathy, Ollie and Chester

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