Announcing the new Bulldogs World Logo!

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Announcing the new Bulldogs World Logo!

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to let you in on a little project we have been working on - creating a new logo for Bulldogs World!
(Well, technically there was no old logo, so maybe we should just say "creating a logo for Bulldogsworld!)

We're going to be working on rolling out this logo across the site during the next few weeks.

Let us know what you think! ( Don't be TOO tough though, we're new and not especially artsy haha =P )

Have a great weekend everyone!
Nate & Admin

Agree...definitely don't want a "cartoon bulldog" look

and while the drawing you've selected isn't bad, neither is it especially outstanding. Want to try that again?

jcramirez24's picture

2 thumbs down..... Looks like same ole same ole

How about something a little Jazzier ..... See what the board members can come up with. This is our home away from home and it needs that warm fuzzy feeling and yes color would be nice!

Honestly, I dont like it

Its too blah. It looks like every other plain-jane bulldog emblem. Its bland and business-like and not at all how I have viewed this site in the 7 years I have been a part of it. Dave had plenty of logos he used and all of them had a softness to them- a cuteness and sweetness to them that just fit the site and the family here. This one just looks foreign. Not at all fitting.

Sorry. I REALLY dont like it!

NTdhOTAxMGJkMTky.gifSpring Text <br
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CathyandAudrey's picture

I like it!

very simple and straightforward, just like the new handy dandy little reminder/link on the bottom of all the posts. happy.gif

when she first came home

Bill Sue Angel Chunk and Angel Lily's picture

I guess I was too snockered to think of that!!


[linked image]

I thought this was the old logo.. PIC (+ my 2 cents)

[linked image]

Okay, my constructive criticism--

It needs color and a font with a 3D look to give it more depth. I'd like it better if the dog looked more like the bulldog standard. I'm glad you didn't use the "mean toothy" bulldog though.

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"New" is the second most powerful word in advertising.

So, go with "NEW!" although you could use "NOW!"

NOW! Bulldogs World with LOGO!

(Love it, by the way.))

NikkiandJulie's picture

If you want vinyl decals for it let us know. We can make vinyl d

love it

good job

[linked image]

DeniseG's picture

I thought you were going to say, Impressive, but......

where is his rum?

AmyandSophia's picture

Very nice...but a little color might be

good:-) But I like it as it is, too. Good job:-)

Now, when are you getting a REAL one?!

Amy and Sophia

BonnieMiley's picture

Nice job

Carol Diana Fergie Ollie and Chance's picture

Color please?

And always .....Winston


Bill Sue Angel Chunk and Angel Lily's picture

Impressive, but.......

you're gonna need a name for that pup! Hummmmmmmmm?

[linked image]

Mochas Mommy Vickie's picture

I like it


[linked image]

[linked image]
[linked image]

onslowsmom's picture

Very nice

Have a great weekend. =)

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